Apply For Body-Transformation Coaching

On Monday 8 August 2016, I will select 24 people for my 1 Year Body-Transformation Coaching Program. (9 slots have already been filled).

The coaching program is designed for those of you who want to create an athletic and proportional looking physique in just 1 year:

Oskar-Faarkrog-Illusion-of-Wide-Shoulders copy

It includes a custom body-transformation strategy which takes ALL guesswork out of training and eating.

…And 1-on-1 on-going coaching with weekly progression check-ins and a 24 hour email response from me personally to ANY questions you have.

The proven 2 Phase strategy we follow during your 1 year transformation is outlined below:

  • First we dedicate 3-6 months to SHREDDING your body-fat and building a solid STRENGTH FOUNDATION through bodyweight training. (We aim for 15-20 perfect form pull ups).
  • Then we spend the remaining 6-9 months ADDING MUSCLE MASS IN THE RIGHT PLACES through my Phase 2 training and diet strategy.

So in about 1 year of following the coaching you will be lean with muscle definition in the right places and you will be able to execute 20 perfect form pull ups at ANY time of the day.

Here’s a photo of me personally completing the 2 phases outlined above in just 1 year:

Oskar Faarkrog going through the 2 phases of a skinny-fat transformation and getting ripped in just 1 year
During that 1 year, I made more changes to my body than any other year in my 6+ years of hard training.

I can truly say that this 1 year changed my life since it marked the first time in my life I became comfortable in my own skin.

To apply for a coaching spot, fill out the 6-page form linked below:

>> Make sure you open the form on a laptop or desktop device since most mobile devices don’t have word and pages installed.

This application form ensures that I only work with those of you who are a good fit for the coaching program and who I KNOW I can help get real results.

The deadline to send over your filled out application form is Monday 1 August 2016 at 11 PM New York time.

Applications after the deadline wON’T be accepted because I need a week to go through the applications and SELECT the right people for the program.

Here’s a summary of what 1 year of coaching includes:

  • Customised Training Program with instructional videos and exercise form checks (7-13 page PDF)
  • Customised Diet Plan with different food options and a weekly cheat meal (5 page PDF)
  • Weekly Check-Ins in a shared Google Sheet for accountability.
  • On-going adjustments to your training program and diet plan for 1 year. (These adjustments will be made based on weekly check-ins in a shared google sheet).
  • Unlimited access to my private coaching email address for 1-on-1 support.
  • Body-Transformation Blueprint (49 page PDF).
  • Hormonal Health Check Guide and Analysis of Your Results
  • A 30-Day-Action-Money-Back-Guarantee on all coaching packages.

Check Out One Of My Success Stories Below:

Be proud but stay hungry,
Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Trainer