The Best Fitness Supplement: ArcticMed Omega-3 Oil

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I have been lifting weights for almost 6 years and writing a blog for over 100,000 monthly readers for 2 years and one question I get the most is:

“What supplement should I take to transform my body?”

If I could only recommend ONE fitness supplement, it would be ArcticMed’s Omega-3.

AMED Omega-3

Why? Because almost every person today has a bad Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio.

>> Most of the food today is full Of Omega-6 but low in Omega-3, therefore you supplement with Omega-3 oil to balance your body.

The owner of ArcticMed did my bloodwork for me and it turns out that even I have a terrible Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio (and I have been taking OTHER Omega-3 capsules for years):


The test result is in Swedish, but here’s a quick translation:

I have more than 12 times as much Omega-6 as Omega-3, despite eating a good diet, being in phenomenal shape and supplementing with Omega-3 capsules from my local pharmacy.

The ideal Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio is around 1:1. Most people today have 10:1 and in America that number is 20:1!

My result is not unusual in any sense. 99/100 of people who do Omega-3 blood work, have bad values.

So… Why should you care about Omega-3? Because lack of Omega-3 causes inflammation in your body and chronic inflammation is the root and cause of serious diseases such as heart disease and alzheimers:

“By realizing that degenerative disease (of all types), like the aging process, stems from unchecked inflammation and oxidative stress with resultant cellular dysfunction. Accordingly most patients, barring significant neurologic deficits mandating surgery, leave my office with a prescription for NSAIDs and high-dose omega-3 fatty acids, having been encouraged to pursue an anti-inflammatory diet and daily exercise.” – Dr. Brett Osborn on FabFitOver40

In other words:

Omega-3 supplementation can help you prevent almost all major diseases while potentially improving the way your entire body and mind functions.

There’s just one thing you have to watch out for: CHEAP, LOW QUALITY OMEGA-3 CAPSULE SUPPLEMENTS.

Many of these capsules taste horrible when you bite them open. If they taste horrible, they ARE horrible.

The capsules are used to mask the taste.

Besides that, many Omega-3 supplements contain ETYLESTER which can melt plastic!

Therefore, next time you buy Omega-3, do 2 things:

  1. Buy an Omega-3 oil that tastes fresh straight from the bottle.
  2. Read the label (avoid ETYLESTER).

ArcticMed’s Omega-3 tastes fresh because it contains a special blend of Omega-3 and olive oil that contains certain polyphenols and thereby increases oxidization resistance.

Besides that, ArcticMed will never use any Etylester.

I have personally used ArcticMed’s Omega-3 for 1 month now, and I already noticed a drastic increase in energy levels and improved gym performance.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Successful People Who Use ArcticMed’s Omega-3 For Peak Performance:

Sanna Ehdin Anandala, Swedish expert on holistic health and integrated medicine and author of 12 books–which have sold over 1 million copies.

”A superior product! I take ArcticMed Omega-3 Premium every day. I give it my highest recommendation.”

Mikael Syding, the European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade:

Mikael Syding Testimonial

(These people like the ArticMed oil so much that they’re willing to publicly endorse it, and ArcticMed doesn’t pay them any celebrity endorsement fees for this, like Nike does to Tiger Woods!)

If you have any questions about Omega-3, post them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer for you.

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AMED Omega 3

Update: Questions About Omega-3 Answered

After posting about ArcticMed Omega-3 last time on the Skinny-Fat Transformation blog, I got four questions regarding the effectiveness of ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil vs. Cod Liver Oil Tablets and Chia Seeds.

The first two questions have been answered below by Omega-3 professionals from ArcticMed Sweden and the last two have been answered by me.

(1) ArcticMed Omega-3 Oil vs. Cod Liver Oil Tablets

Reader question: “I take cod liver oil tablets which are high in omega 3 and I eat around 4 of them spread over the day. Would I still need the Arcticmed supplement?”

You should go for ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil to get the health benefits of the combination of bioactive components from natural high quality fish oil and lab tested extra virgin olive oil.

The polyphenols in ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil also secure a higher resistance against oxidation.

If you wants to continue with the capsules you should always take extra fat soluble antioxidants at the same time (this you get automatically with the ArcticMed formula).

If the cod liver oil tablets are high concentrate capsules you should stop using them.

If they are low in EPA since cod liver is lower in EPA than DHA.

Most of the people ArcticMed tests are low in EPA and ArcticMed has almost 2 times EPA to DHA in the fish oil (from Friend of the Sea certified fishing).

(2) ArcticMed Omega-3 Oil vs. Chia Seeds and Linseed Oil

Chia seeds have ALA but zero EPA and DHA.

In all bloodsamples with fatty acid profils I have seen through the years I have yet to find the first one that is low in ALA.

The real problem is that people think that chia and linseed oil coverts ok to EPA and DHA and I can tell from the bloodsamples that people that are high in ALA usually are low in EPA and DHA.

In short: chia and linseed is not a good way to get a good Omega-3 index.

(3) What Are The Effects Of ArcticMed Omega-3 Oil?

(The remaining parts are written by Oskar)

I have taken ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil for about a month now, and I recommend it to all my clients.

The biggest immediate benefit has been increased concentration during my peak working hours in the morning where I do all my research and writing.

I never had this effect when using Omega-3 capsules from my local pharmacy. (And these didn’t work either since my Omega-6 levels are 15 times higher than my Omega-3 levels, and the optimal ratio is about 1:1).

With that said, you want to keep in mind that this is not something you take for immediate effects.

You take ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil to reduce inflammation inside your body and thereby prevent serious conditions such as heart problems and Alzheimer’s.

To me, health is worth much more than some quick high from a pre-workout supplement.

(4) How Much Does ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil Cost?

If I could only recommend one supplement for health and fitness, it would be ArcticMed Omega-3 Oil because:

  • The effects of ArcticMed Omega-3 Oil are backed by rigorous testing of people who take it. (Omegametrix, an affiliate of ArcticMed have some of the best Omega-3 tests in Europe).
  • The oil is extremely high quality and that’s why it’s still a local product and not one that caters to the masses.
  • The oil is affordable at a cost of less than 1 GBP per day.

One bottle of ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil has about 30 servings and costs 27 GBP (or 37 Euros).

You take 1 serving a day, so you spend less than 1 GBP per day.

Most people will waste that 1 GBP per day on useless stuff like candy or entertainment, yet they won’t invest in the most important health supplement out there.

In fact, I found ArcticMed’s Omega-3 so useful that I asked ArcticMed’s CEO, Mikael, to send my grandfather a supply since he’s in poor health. 

I have never done this before, because I never believed a supplement could make a drastic difference in someone’s health. Now I do.

Be proud but stay hungry,

Oskar Faarkrog

PS: ArcticMed’s CEO, Mikael, believes 100% in their product and provides a money-back-guarantee on your first bottle purchase. If you don’t like the oil, you can contact me and I will call Mikael and have him refund you the same day.

Order ArcticMed’s Omega-3 Oil On Amazon

(Use my discount code 3ZQM8ME5 — Available from 31 August 3 AM BST — Only available on the next 18 orders)

ArcticMed Omega-3

Download my bodyweight training program for skinny-fat guys (63-page PDF)

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  1. Oskar, you do know how much this article screams of advertising, don’t you? I’m sure you do.
    You’re not even advising people to take Omega 3. You’re advising them to take Omega 3 from a very specific company whose CEO you know.

    Mind you: you have several people coming to your website because they are blindly searching for a solution to their appearance. They look at your results, they like what they see, they’re sold. From their onward you have full reign to spout the most ridiculous things and your following will believe you because you already have their trust.

    Just be careful with that.

    About Omega 3 and supplementation in general? It’s absolutely useless.
    Never in the history of mankind (or any animal in general) was it required for a species to take special bottled/packaged artificially processed vitamins and/or nutrients in order to live longer or simply avoid diseases.

    Case and point? Simon Ata. He eats Cocoa Puffs or Fruity Loops for breakfast. He follows a healthy diet without much bullshit to stress out. No protein counting. No supplements.

    Oskar? Be the odd one here. Break the mold and don’t feed people the same bullshit every other guy does. You’re doing well with the streamlining. Keep it simple, as you say. Don’t sell the fuck out with this ridiculous articles.

    And if you yourself actually believe you need omega 3… just ask yourself: how horrible was your life before? How much did it change? And if so, how are you so sure there’s any causation behind it that you can correlate with taking Omega 3? Let alone from one particular brand.


    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      Hey J,

      If you believe I’m selling out, then do you also believe that Mikael Syding, former managing director of futuris, the European Hedge Fund of the Decade is selling out? How about all the other Swedish authorities who are supplementing with ArcticMed and promoting it (without any endorsement)?

      Also, how about neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Osborn who put Omega-3 fatty acids on the top of his recommended supplement list?

      I’ve made less than 50 USD off promoting ArcticMed (I can send you a screenshot of my amazon affiliate account if you’re interested) and I don’t get paid by ArcticMed. The only money I’ve made is a 5-7% comission from amazon for each bottle sold (that’s less than 3 USD per bottle).

      Finally, regarding me promoting ArcticMed and not any other brand: I used many different Omega-3 supplements in my 5-6 years of training, and despite doing so I had a terrible Omega-6 to Omega-3 balance.

      ArcticMed has fixed about 80% of my imbalance in 4 months (while living in Bangkok and living an unhealthy lifestyle). I will post my bloodwork and an in-depth article soon. Hopefully that will explain better why I promote ArcticMed.

      “Never in the history of mankind (or any animal in general) was it required for a species to take special bottled/packaged artificially processed vitamins and/or nutrients in order to live longer or simply avoid diseases.”

      Yeah, but we live in a different time now. We live in a time where animals aren’t fed the way they are supposed to be and where most of the foods sold is garbage. Ideally, you would eat organic, grass-fed, gluten free and so on, but for most of us that’s just not convenient (especially if you travel a lot and don’t have the time and money to seek out these foods).

      “And if you yourself actually believe you need omega 3… just ask yourself: how horrible was your life before? How much did it change? And if so, how are you so sure there’s any causation behind it that you can correlate with taking Omega 3? Let alone from one particular brand.”

      You supplement to get long-term benefits and not to see an immediate change. For example, a supplement might help you recover faster and workout 1 more time each week. You won’t notice that difference over a few weeks, but add that up over 1 year and you have 54 extra workouts per year. Now, that’s a huge difference.

      “You’re advising them to take Omega 3 from a very specific company whose CEO you know.”

      Of course I promote a product that I’m familiar with from a company where I trust the CEO. Would you rather have me promote a product from a company I don’t use and trust myself?

      • Hello again,

        Oskar, for starters it’s irrelevant how many companies agree with it. Particularly swedish ones being the brand swedish as well. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s faith and most of the time it’s both.

        And making $2.X per bottle is something. I’m not saying you’re doing strictly for the money. Your head is clearly in it. But that’s the second part of my comment:

        Long term? There hasn’t been any proof that omega 3 supplementation has a positive effect on this generation because it hasn’t existed for enough generations. It makes sense for it to be healthy… theoretically speaking. Science points to that fact. But History points to the fact that the oldest people in the world never took it. Mainly because it also never existed during 80% of their lifespans.

        And that math you did about workouts… That’s wonderful. You’re reducing your body to math and how many workouts you can squeeze in a year? Adding up theoretical numbers over a year (specially considering how young you are) gives you a false sense of fidelity. Millions of people had fantastic bodies and healthy hearts before the invention of omega3. They dealt with “54 less workouts per year” just fine. And don’t mention optimization or min/maxing your performance. Your blog is partially about not stressing the bullshit. Omega3 is bullshit not worth stressing about.

        You worried about your bloodwork numbers… You shouldn’t have. Don’t be a hypochondriac. People die with more flaws than they could ever know about. Our bodies aren’t perfect and we have a shit ton of chronic “issues”. I have spondilolistesis, deviated kneecaps and fucked up rotator cuffs since the day I was born. Doctors told me to do 0 exercises that would involve using my knees shoulders or lower back. Thankfully I ignored them. I strengthened the muscles the would compensate for those weaknesses. I also stopped trying to get ripped and buff after 28 because I concluded after reaching my objective of veiny abs that no other animal ever looked at the mirror. I.e. it’s superficial to believe fat is a bad thing. Too much of anything is a bad thing.

        Would I rather you promoted a brand whose product you didn’t know? No. Would I rather you promoted a product from a CEO you didn’t know? Yes. Don’t mix both. Promoting a product with which you have no connection to has less bias than a product whose owner is a person you know.
        All in all I’d rather you promoted no brand at all and kept it minimalistic. If people wanna know about supplements because it makes them feel better, point them to I also dropped a lot of money for years on end on that shit. Pointless. Creatine did nothing. Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, Whey Protein, Fish Oil… None of that shit means anything other than making you feel better about yourself. It’s all about faith. Like having an apple product you know? That kind of faith.

        With that said… You’re right about many things in your blog when you attempt to streamline fitness in general. But you can simplify it even more: do an activity you enjoy whenever you wanna do it. Not because of your body but because you believe in how much you love it every time you go to do it.

        For me that’s sex and table tennis. That’s my “cardio”. Holding my abs and pushups positions for sex does wonders as well. Neutral grip chinups are easy on the shoulders and have progression until you can do them parallel to the floor with ease.

        That’s a long ass comment I wrote there.

        Happy new year Oskar.

        • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

          Happy new year to you too.

          J, you have some good arguments and there’s nothing I can say other than: if what you’re doing works for you, then that’s the right thing for you.

          I just had great results with the Omega-3 and that’s why I shared it.

          I can’t see the wrong thing in promoting a product that 1) You take everyday, 2) Is supported by countless studies and testimonials from experts and 3) Works for you because the blood work shows it.

          I have been offered a much higher commission for a product that is available in the US too (where most of my blog readers are), but I still promote ArcticMed, so the incentive is clearly not money. It’s because I believe in the product.

          If people want to try the product, then that’s fine by me. If not, that’s fine too. I can’t even cover the costs of managing my email list with my Omega-3 sales so it won’t affect my business at all.

  2. Hey! I bought some :) How much do you take per day Oskar?

  3. Great article Oskar! Any tips for where someone can get tested for their Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio? I’d really like to know what my ratio is.

  4. Hey Oskar,

    Just wanted to ask a question. I take cod liver oil tablets which are high in omega 3 and I eat around 4 of them spread over the day. Would I still need the Arcticmed supplement?

  5. I’m not sure about Omega 3 acids. I have found some researches which suggest that Omega 3 supplementation increases risk of cancer.

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