How to Overcome Skinny-Fat Genetics and Insights On The Personal Training Industry

Hello, it’s Oskar here!

Today, I want to share a podcast I did with Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes.

Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

Alexander is a personal trainer in Hollywood and works for one of the world’s leading bodybuilding coaches John Meadows under John’s brand Mountain Dog Diet.

Besides that he’s also a writer for the popular fitness website EliteFTS.

In this podcast, Alexander and I discuss how to overcome skinny-fat genetics and the personal training industry.

skinny-fat genetics

Here’s the breakdown of the podcast:

  • 00:00-18:00 >> Personal training industry and Alexander’s background.
  • 18:00-41:00 >> Skinny-fat genetics and the best strategies to overcome a skinny-fat body.
  • 41:00-Finish >> Personal training industry.

Listen To The Podcast Below:

Skinny-Fat Genetics Notes:

“When someone has skinny-fat genetics so to speak… their body is not going to be in a place metabolically or hormonally where bulking is ever going to be advantageous or good… It’s essentially going to be digging into your health.”

Create base-line health and then you can begin making positive changes.”

“One thing that happens for guys with skinny-fat genetics… They often don’t have the “newbie” gains as people call them.”

Skinny fat guys: “Train upper body as much as possible.”

General Training Advice:

“The best thing you can do in your 20s is to build absolutely as much muscle tissue as you can because that sets you up for later in your 30s.” >> For many guys 20’s are a “lost decade” because they chase strength gains and end up injured rather than chasing muscle gains. Instead, you can start applying that muscle later to get very strong when you have a solid base.

“Women don’t care about what your numbers are in anything.”

“If you’ve been bench pressing for 2 years and your chest development is lousy, it’s not a good chest exercise for you.”

How to Train If You’re Skinny-Fat:

“The worst thing you can do is going low reps, get strong and bulk.”

“You can build muscle with any rep range, but with skinny-fat genetics you don’t have the genetics to get strong.”

“Powerlifting has created a huge misconception in the fitness industry… That going heavy with 3-5 reps is a magical number for muscle building… which it is not.”

Muscle is built in response to SUSTAINED stress.” >> In other words, it’s built in response to a large volume of training.”

“Before you look into training a lot, ask yourself if you can recover a lot.”

“If you manage your stress, you can train body parts at higher frequencies.”

Advanced Training Programming (2+ years of serious training)

Human Response Curve: Most people will adapt to something in 3-4 weeks. Therefore, do high frequency training cycles of 3-4 weeks.

Instinctive training: How to develop the training instinct (27 minutes).

Minor pain is not necessarily bad. It might just be a signal that you should change up your training and do less for a period.

Your Muscular Potential

“The bodyweight you are at after 5 years of training is pretty much what you will weight. MAYBE you will gain another 10 pounds after another 5 years of training or lose 10 pounds if you want to be a bit more shredded for the beach, but your weight will be pretty much set in that range.”

Your body is only going to add as much muscle as your body can handle (unless you go the enhanced route).

“Your most muscular body-part will be whatever you train the most. (Once you hit your bodyweight set point).”

Personal Training Industry Notes:

“Personal trainers have a bad reputation with divorce lawyers.”

“Pretty much any personal trainer I know who’s married has met their wife because their wife was a client of theirs.”

3 traits that make a good personal trainer:




“You must be able to communicate your passion for fitness and love of helping other people reach their fitness goals.”

Top personal training mistakes:


Arrogant personal trainers who care about their own training but not the people they coach. Also, business aspect neglected.


Confidence factor one of the most important traits. If you can speak with confidence.

“The more impressive you look physically, the easier it will be to sell training. With that said, it’s not a necessity.”

Alexander’s Website and Social Media

Be proud but stay hungry,
Oskar Faarkrog

PS: I met with YouTube fitness star Elliott Hulse today and will be working out at his gym in St. Petersburg tomorrow!


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  1. Hi Oskar,
    Another helpful blog post, the detailed insight into online personal training was interesting.
    It was refreshing to hear someone else’s take on the skinny fat problem and how to approach it.Totally agree with Alex’s point of view on overtraining and recovery.I have experienced when sleep, stress levels and nutrition are on point, then overtraining isn’t an issue.
    Thanks for all the great articles and information.

  2. Suggestion for future podcasts Oskar. Please convert them to Mono instead of Stereo. It’s very distracting on my headphones having you in my left ear and then your guest in my right ear :)

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Kaelos and Keefe: Thank you both for pointing this out. I actually wanted to make it mono, but had problems setting up the software and was in a time crunch so we just made it stereo. (I’m really bad at all this tech stuff so will do my best to figure it out for the next one).

  3. Hey Oskar,

    Thanks for the podcast – just some feedback here. The sound (at least when I listen to this through my earphones) seems to alternate between my left ear and right ear (based on who is speaking), which is just a bit unusual.

    I’m probably just nitpicking here – thanks again for all the quality, ad-free content!

  4. Hey Oskar another great article and congrats on all the hardwork! Firstly, thank you for giving us skinny fat people hope and motivation to work hard! I will dedicate my next workout to you. I wanted to ask, before I discovered your site I was, and still am, able to do 15 chin ups and 20+ pushups, but I still carry lots of fat. After reading through your articles today I am a bit confused as to what I am doing wrong. I will begin doing the Beginner Pump Routine you mention in another article to aid with my fat loss. I am eating only healthy and once or twice a week will eat “cheat” meals. Again, thank you for creating this site and giving us all the support we need. All the best!

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