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Page last updated: January 2018 by Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Trainer

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My name is Oskar Faarkrog, I’m a certified personal trainer from the International Sports Sciences Association and the founder of SKINNY-FAT TRANSFORMATION which has 100,000 monthly readers.

Growing up, I used to be skinny-fat with low testosterone levels and puffy nipples.

I wanted to change very badly because being skinny-fat affected my confidence in all areas of life.

I often got bullied because of my puffy nipples and I was embarrassed to take off my shirt at the beach.

I didn’t have any girlfriends until I was almost 20 years old and stayed inside playing computer games all day long.

I got introduced to bodybuilding in February 2010 where I came across the forums.

I saw a guy transform from fat to fit and that’s when I realised it’s possible to transform your physique.

I read everything I could get my hands on and I was hooked.

Just like most people, I started out following the popular advice of eating a lot of protein and training with heavy weights.

I made my physique transformation my #1 goal in my life and spent all day long reading about fitness, training and nutrition.

I would pack tuna and eggs with me when going for classes, drink protein powder multiple times each day and do my heavy squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

I didn’t skip any training sessions and I prepared my meals in advance.

After 2 years of heavy weight training I had added over 500 pounds to my bench press, squat and deadlift total.

I was proud of my strength gains, but I still looked the same:

Compared to my friends, it seemed like my body just didn’t respond to training and diet.

I put in all this hard work and I saw my training partner get amazing results following the same routine as me.

This is when I got frustrated and started researching different body-types.

During my research I discovered that 99% of fitness programs ARE NOT designed for skinny-fat guys.

In the fitness industry, there are 3 main body-types:

99% of fitness programs are made for the body-types above.

  • Ectomorph: Skinny guy who “can’t gain weight”. Heavy weight training and a high Calorie diet will work for the skinny ectomorph.
  • Mesomorph: The naturally athletic and muscular guy. Any program will work for a mesomorph.
  • Endomorph: Big-boned fat guy who gains fat and muscle mass easily. Daily resistance training and cardio combined with a Caloric deficit will work for the Endomorph.

The issue is that skinny-fat guys are a combination of the ectomorph (skinny guy) and endomorph (fat guy).

You have the skinny bone-structure of the ectomorph and you have a hard time gaining muscle mass.

You also have the body-fat of the endomorph and you gain body-fat easily.

In other words, you lost the genetic lottery.

You have all the disadvantages of the ectomorph and endomorph, but you don’t have any of the advantages.

Here’s a graphic summing up why skinny-fat guys have terrible genetics for training:

As a result, skinny-fat guys need a different approach.

And now I will share what worked for me and thousands of skinny-fat guys who read this website.

Around the middle of 2012 (after 2 years of training without results) I ditched the heavy weights and high protein diets.

Instead, I started doing a lot of chin ups and diamond push ups and eating a more balanced diet that didn’t have as much protein.

After mastering bodyweight exercises and eating a more balanced diet, I got better results than ever before.

For the first time in my life I got visible abs and my shoulders, upper chest, lats and arms started filling out.

This is a photo of how I looked after 16 weeks of serious bodyweight training:

At the time the after photo was taken, I was a lean 190-195 pounds at 6’2″ and I could do more than 15 chin ups with perfect form.

This was truly the first time in my life where I felt like I was in shape.

I felt strong, fast, light, energised and I always went into my training sessions fully recovered.

Bodyweight training gave me much better results than heavy weight training ever did and I didn’t have any of the nagging joint pain that I always got when doing heavy deadlifts and squats.

After mastering the basic bodyweight exercises, I had created a solid foundation that enabled me to also benefit from high volume bodybuilding training.

I used a combination of bodyweight exercises and high volume bodybuilding training to add even more muscle mass and continue making progress each year.

Overall,  I lost 60 pounds of fat, gained more than 40 pounds of muscle mass from 2010-2014:

back today

And here’s a more recent 2017 photo showing me at 205 pounds bodyweight (93 KG) and 6’2″ height (189 CM):

Finally, here’s a full video showing my transformation with monthly progress photos:

Thousands of skinny-fat guys from all over the world have used my training strategies to get into the best shape of their life.

Many of these guys had previously trained for decades or years without anything to show for it.

Why? Because they didn’t follow training and diet advice specific to their body-type.

It doesn’t matter how long you train and diet if you follow advice that isn’t specific for your body-type.

To get results, you need to follow training and diet advice that works for the skinny-fat body-type.

To be specific, you want to follow training and diet advice that:

This website will help you with all these things.

I recommend you get started with reading my article They Didn’t Think I Could Get A Summer Body, But I Did! (Skinny-Fat Success Story)

And if you came to my website because you struggle with puffy nipples, then check out my video about puffy nipples below:

Be proud but stay hungry!

Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Trainer