My Transformation

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My name is Oskar Faarkrog and I’m a certified personal trainer from the International Sports Sciences Association.

I’m also the founder of SKINNY-FAT TRANSFORMATION – the #1 website for skinny-fat men, with 60,000-100,000 monthly visitors.

Growing up, I used to be skinny-fat.

I had puffy nipples, wide hips, narrow shoulders and I was 6’2” tall with lanky arms and skinny wrists.

I couldn’t do a single push up and my DREAM was to one day be able to do a set of 10 chin ups.

I had never seen my abs and when I flexed my biceps in the mirror nothing happened.

Unlike other people who get into fitness to get ripped 6-pack abs, my goals were more humble.

I just wanted to build a “normal” and masculine looking body so I can feel comfortable in my own skin (and perhaps get my first girlfriend).

So I can relate to those of you who start at the bottom with below average genetics.

I know exactly what it’s like to train for  2 years without anything to show for it.

Here’s a photo showing my first 2 years of “training progress”:

2 years no progress

Compared to my friends, it seemed like my body just didn’t respond to training and I had a VERY weak foundation of strength.

I also found out later that I had a low natural testosterone production, and testosterone is the main muscle building hormone in the body.

I would never have imagined that years later I would have people tell me that “I’m getting too muscular” or that I would lose 60 pounds of fat and get visible abs for the first time in my life. 

But despite my limitations, I made my transformation happen: I lost 60 pounds of fat and gained more than 40 pounds of muscle mass while staying 100% injury free and boosting my natural testosterone production with over 100%.

You can view my transformation in the photos below.

Oskar Faarkrog Skinny-Fat Transformation

Side Transformation

progress pictures

The last back picture was taken about 1-2 years into training and I used the photo editing software  paint to see how my upper body would look without the love handles.

Back then, I was amazed at how the first picture looked and I printed out the picture and set it as my long-term training goal to look like that.

Needless to say, I surpassed that goal.

If there’s one message you should take away from my transformation it’s that transforming a physique is not a sprint. It’s a marathon.

You need to follow a sustainable diet and training strategy and give yourself time to make a lasting change.

Quick fixes can sometimes work but if you follow them you will most likely lose your results later.

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Download my bodyweight training program for skinny-fat guys (63-page PDF)