Online Training

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Below I will list my paid online training programs:

  1. Body-Transformation Coaching (1-on-1 on-going coaching with almost 100% success rate for the clients who apply the plan we agree on).
  2. Customised Diet Plan for Skinny-Fat Guys (perfect to fuel your training sessions, support body composition changes and ensure results from your hard training).
  3. Skinny-Fat Transformation Phase 2 Muscle Building Package (designed for those of you who have completed Phase 1 and achieved 10 perfect form pull ups).

The programs are all based on my own transformation from skinny-fat to jacked and coaching almost 100 skinny-fat men online:

Skinny-Fat Transformation

Body-Transformation Coaching

My body-transformation coaching program is designed for skinny-fat men who want to create a proportional, athletic looking physique.

The program will provide you with a comprehensive strategy which takes all guesswork out of training and dieting:
  • The best exercises to do for your unique body-type.
  • Instructional videos of all exercises to ensure you use perfect form.
  • Comprehensive training program to build muscle mass in the right places.
  • The best foods for shredding excess body-fat.
  • Flexible meal plan that keeps you satiated and energised.

To be specific the coaching includes:

  • Access to my private coaching email address where you can ask ANY questions you want.
  • Weekly progress check-ins in a shared Google Sheet.
  • Customised training program. (7-13 page PDF).
  • Customised meal plan. (5 page PDF).
  • Unlimited adjustments and updated to meal plan and training program during the coaching period.
  • Body-Transformation Blueprint. (49 page PDF).
  • Supplement Guide.
  • Hormonal Health Check Guide and Analysis of Your Results.

The clients who follow through with the plan we agree on have close to a 100% success rate because they follow proven and sustainable training and diet strategies that produce results while having the accountability, guidance and personal interaction that ensures they STICK to their plan.

Spots are limited to 24 clients each round therefore I select clients based on an application process.

Click here to apply.


Customised Meal Plan for Skinny-Fat Guys (197 USD)


The customised meal plan is the perfect addition to fuel your training sessions, support body-composition changes and ENSURE that you get results from your training.

It comes in a 5-page PDF format with food choices and meal quantities specified. This document is easy to follow for both beginners and advanced clients and takes ALL guesswork out of dieting.

The meal plan is designed to support your training sessions through:

  • Increased ability to get lean and stay lean.
  • Increased ability to pack on muscle mass.
  • More motivation and energy to train hard.

It’s based on the exact diet strategy that I used to:

  • Complete my body-transformation from skinny-fat to jacked.
  • Support a fat loss of 60 pounds and get lean for the first time in my life.
  • Boost my natural testosterone production with over 100%. (Testosterone is the main muscle building hormone in your body).

To ensure your results, the meal plan is customised to your individual body-structure, food preferences, activity levels, current training program and goals.

You will get a flexible meal plan with different food options that YOU enjoy.

In your questionnaire which you fill out after completing your order, I ask you for foods you dislike and these WON’T be included in your meal plan.

Having a meal plan that you enjoy, ensures that you can stick to it long-term and thereby get results.

Besides the meal plan PDF, you will also receive access to the following bonus guides:

  • Hormonal blood work guide: Measure important hormones such as testosterone, estradiol and your thyroid function.
  • Supplement guide: The best supplements I take on a daily basis.
  • Cooking strategy: Learn how to cook and shop your meals in bulk and thereby spend minimal time on your diet prep.
  • Social drinking strategy: Learn how to go out and enjoy yourself without negatively affecting your diet progress.
  • How to track meals on the go.
  • BioFeedback Tracking Guide.
  • Weekly cheat meal explanations.

Click here to purchase your meal plan.


Phase 2 Muscle Building Package (347 USD)

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The Phase 2 Muscle Building package includes 3 x customised gym training programs (VOLUME, INTENSITY AND FREQUENCY) you can cycle YEAR-AROUND.

These training programs will show instructional videos of all exercises and be customised to your unique body-type, goals, available training time and gym equipment and use proven methods to gain as much muscle as possible while minimising the risk of injury.

You will also receive 3 x customised diet plans (DEFICIT, MAINTENANCE AND SURPLUS) which you will use to support lean muscle gains.

These diet plans will be customised to fit your food preferences and they will take ALL guesswork out of eating.

I will also give you a blueprint document that explains how to cycle your training programs and diet plans year-around to get your best results and a progression tracking strategy that explains exactly what key metrics to measure on a weekly basis and how to make adjustments based on how these metrics change!

EACH of my diets and training programs is usually sold individually for 197 USD but this package CURRENTLY comes at a price of just 347 USD so you get massive value for money.

Click here to purchase the Phase 2 Muscle Building Package.


Unsure About Which Package Is Right For You?

If you’re unsure about which package is right for you, I’ll help you out.

To get my help, follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to download my 6-page coaching form.
  2. Open the form and fill it out to the best of your ability. (You might not be able to open it on mobile since it’s a Word DOC file).
  3. Send the form to me as an attachment through my contact form.

This form will give me a better idea of your unique body-structure, fitness levels, past diets and training programs and goals and thereby enable me to evaluate what coaching program or package is best for YOU.

I will then reply within 24 hours and list the best options for your body-transformation.

If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, just message me through my facebook page