3 Month Skinny-Fat Transformations

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Skinny-Fat Transformation was launched at the end of May 2013 with one goal: help skinny-fat people transform their physique into something they can be proud of.

So far, a lot of people have reported great results by using the advice posted on this website.

I picked out 3 guys that made great progress: Rody, Joshua and Jeremy.

Rody trained the same exercises everyday and got stronger, while staying at the same bodyweight and losing bodyfat.

Joshua lost 7 inches around his waist in 3 months while adding 39 reps to his push up max. He looks like a different person today.

Jeremy went from zero to 15 chin ups in just 4 months.

To learn how they achieved their success, read below.

Rody: Overtraining is Nonsense

I started reading your website like 3 months ago just after I was really annoyed of not getting the results I should have made. Earlier when I was under supervision of an ex bodybuilder who told me to do pullups and deadlifts for 3 times a week I saw good results in my back and arms. Then when I read your website and remembered this sort of overtraining working my body and getting results that I wanted.

Rody’s 3 Month Progress

  • Waist: 33.9 Inches to 31.5 Inches
  • Bodyweight: 167 lbs (no change)
  • Push Ups (normal and incline): 4 sets of 20 reps to 4 sets of 30 reps
  • Pull Ups: 4 sets of 8 reps to 4 sets of 12 reps

Rody Before and After

I achieved this through doing the same things everyday and setting goals to my reps; day 1 was for example 3×10 reps week 2 was 3×11 etc. I achieved two personal records within 3 weeks. During my upcoming bulk I will see progress, same as all of you!

Rody Back

Our body’s need to be constantly ‘overtrained’ to see progress. Just keep pushing yourself to the max and never give up. For example; if you want big shoulders do pressups everyday with the routine Oskar showed us. Just do an excersize that you want to see progress in, everyday.

Joshua: Lost 7 Inches in 3 Months

My name is Joshua Cash, I am 33 years old, I recently went under total hip replacement surgery. I lost a bit of weight before surgery to help aid in recovery after the surgery.  After gaining back some weight from being inactive after surgery I decided I wanted to start getting into shape. I initially convinced myself that I wanted to start doing stronglifts 5×5 and I even set up all my weights that a friend had given me, but I could not get over the concern of hurting myself especially so soon after major surgery.

So I started searching body weight exercises and came across the Skinny-Fat Transformation blog. That was in early September of 2013. After reading through several articles I realized that I was not far enough in my fitness journey to worry about heavy lifting especially since I still have some bodyfat that I need to get rid of.  I did not take measurements at my fattest but but I know that I was borderline obese.

Joshua Before

Joshua’s 3 Month Progress

  • Bodyfat: 26% to 14.5%
  • Waist: 37.4 inches to 29.8 inches
  • Push Ups: 11 to 50 reps
  • Pull Ups (note: pull ups were only done for 1 month): 1 to 6 reps

Joshua 3 Month Skinny-Fat Transformation - Front

I was able to achieve this by eating good foods at a small deficit everyday,  I have also incorporated intermittent fasting since I have found that I feel much more satisfied using that as an eating schedule.  I am doing a pushup challenge that I modified in order to challenge me more. I am also doing a pull up challenge that I try to add onto every time I work out. I have only been working out 3 to 4 times a week but plan to increase that very soon.  I have done very little cardio, I usually only do about 30 minutes a week or so. I have played around with ab workouts as well but have not done them regularly. I feel like I am still a work in progress but am happy to say that I am making this into a lifestyle instead of a crash diet like we have in the past.

Jeremy: From Zero to 15 Chin Ups in 4 Months

I started reading Skinny-Fat Transformation at the end of August this year. I tried strong lifts 5×5 before this but didn’t get anywhere with it and found myself getting fatter from the amount of food they said I should consume each day.

Jeremy’s 4 Month Progress

  • Bodyfat: 15.5 % to 12.2 %
  • Diamond Push Ups: 1 rep to 25 reps
  • Chin Ups: 0 to 15 reps

I achieved that progress with daily intermittent fasting and working out 6-7 days a week. I usually do 4 sets of chin-ups, 4 sets of diamond push-ups and se super mans, leg lifts and occasionally some pistol squats. I might go to the gym a few times a month to lift free weights with a friend but that is mainly for fun. I also eat a balanced diet of carbs, fat and protein and I eat only 2-3 times a day. It took me 4 months to get where I am and I’ve only lost 4 pounds while getting stronger and leaner.

My 13 Month Progress: Gained 8 lbs While Staying Lean

Since late November 2012, I’ve been focusing on growing my weak muscle groups: arms, shoulders and upper chest while maintaining the rest of my muscle groups.

I’ve decided to show my progress over 13 months because there would barely be any difference if I showed you a picture from December and compared it to September.

After years of training gains are much harder to come by, compared to if I was a novice.

My Progress Late November 2012 to 31 December 2013:

  • Waist: 33 inches to 33.3 inches
  • Bodyweight: 177 lbs to 185 lbs
  • Full Handstand Push Ups: 0 to 3
  • Diamond Push Ups: 5 to 45 (fast reps)
  • Close Grip Chin Ups: 10 slow reps to 19 slow reps
  • Chin Ups: 15 to 25 (fast reps), 12 to 21 (controlled reps)

Progress 2013 Front

I’ve been training with my bodyweight 4-7 times a week the whole year with only one break of 10 days. Overall I’ve gained around 3 inches on my shoulders, 1 inch on my arms and lost fat around my waist while staying at roughly the same bodyweight.

Lats 2013

My gains were a result of using the short bulking and cutting cycles, while overtraining my body on a regular basis through bodyweight training.

What You Can Learn From This

By looking at my progress and Rody’s progress, you can see that it’s much slower than Jeremy’s and Joshua’s. The reason is mainly that as you train longer, gains are much harder to come by. If you could add 15 reps to your chin ups every 3 months for 2 years, people would be doing 120 rep sets on the chin up.

With that said, the progress that Jeremy and Joshua have achieved is GREAT. I wish I did the same as them when I was new to training: get lean while doing frequent bodyweight training.

They’re a perfect example of what can be achieved with a simplified fitness approach that consists of 2-3 solid meals a day and consistent effort on the basic bodyweight exercises.

It took me about 3 years to go from 0 to 15 chin ups, while it took Jeremy 4 months! The difference here is that Jeremy did them frequently (he trained 6-7 times a week and disregarded overtraining), while focusing on fat loss.

Had I done the same as Jeremy from the beginning, I would have saved myself years of fitness related headaches.

Your Progress?

Did YOU make good progress in 2013? Share it in the comment’s below! There are plenty of skinny-fat guys out there that will be motivated by reading about it.

If your progress wasn’t satisfactory, then feel free to use this article as motivation and inspiration to achieve new heights in 2014!

Happy New Years and remember to use the tips here if you’re going out drinking ;-)

– Oskar

PS: If you’re wondering whether you can make great progress despite being older than the guys here, then read the interview with Ron – he accomplished 17 chin ups at age 62!

Download my bodyweight training program for skinny-fat guys (63-page PDF)

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  1. I’ve read through this website a couple of times now and last night decided to test myself. I’ve been working out for a couple of years in an attempt to bulk up but along the way always end up looking skinny fat and then trying to lean down again while protecting the muscle I’d built.

    In that time I thought I’d built up a fair level of strength but when it came to doing a Diamond Push Up last night I could barely manage one!

    Like many, I’ve tried many different work out routine’s and methods but reading this article brings back memories of a few years ago when I did body-weight shoulder presses using a home workout machine. I did these 5 days a week and saw some noticeable gains but this is considered over training and we’re told not to do it!

    Starting from last night, I’m going to give this method a try. As I can’t manage diamond push ups, I’ll start with narrow grip push ups and see how I progress.

    Last nights results were 4 sets of 8 push ups with 1 minute rest in between, I’ll check back in in 10 weeks time and see what my results are!

    By they way, can I do inverted rows as a substitute for pull ups?

  2. I’m a teenager, 15 years old, and I was wondering whether this training will work the same on teens, or whether I have to do anything extra to get rid of my skinny fat look.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      The advice will work for you just like for everyone else (or even better since you’re still growing).

  3. Awesome progress! Congrats to all of you!

    And I had a bodybuilding show this past year, but lost.

  4. Hey Oskar I love the website and I think I’m almost on my way to starting my transformation. I am 15 years old 5″9 and weigh around 120lbs. I’m very skinny for my height but I have very puffy nipples and little muscle. I’d like to incorporate these exercises into my daily life but I was also on my way to doing Stronglifts (which is sorta similar to Starting Strength). I’m not sure if I should do Stronglifts anymore because I’ve read that the exercise bench press actually works the lower chest, hence bringing out my puffy nipples more.
    And so far I’ve been doing Diamond push-ups for the last two days and I’d like to incorporate the pull-ups and squats. Also is it possible to build muscle with these exercises and would I do it on a bulk or at maintenance. Thanks ahead of time and keep up the good work.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Hi Lewis, I’m glad you like it!

      I’m not sure if I should do Stronglifts anymore because I’ve read that the exercise bench press actually works the lower chest, hence bringing out my puffy nipples more.

      Don’t do flat bench press if you have puffy nipples. It will only make it look worse. Do the diamond push ups everyday and add reps as often as possible.

      As far as stronglifts goes, for ME it never worked to do those type of routines, so I would recommend you to follow a simple bodyweight training routine instead.

      Also is it possible to build muscle with these exercises and would I do it on a bulk or at maintenance.

      If you’re skinny with little bodyfat, I suggest that you eat maintenance as long as you are still able to add reps to the bodyweight exercises. Once that’s not possible anymore, do the short bulking and cutting cycles as described here: http://skinnyfattransformation.com/how-to-bulk/

      You can definitely add muscle with bodyweight exercises. That’s what I’ve been doing throughout 2013.

      – Oskar

  5. It’s great to see people who actually put stuff they read into action! Great transformations.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  6. Fantastic article.

    Well done to Rody, Josh and Jeremy.

    Will be taking a closer look at this blog over the coming year (and beyond) as I am currently skinny fat.

    Hopefully I will be a 3 month testimonial too.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thanks Sim.

      It sucks to be skinny-fat, but this article should show that it doesn’t have to take nearly as long to transform, as it did for me.

  7. Love your site! I’m not skinny-fat but I went from no chin ups to buying a tower and doing 10+ mostly by doing 3 sets of 8. When I couldn’t do 8 I did negatives to finish the set, lowering yourself slowly from a chair or jumping up).So then I switched to pull ups and did 8 + negs on the first set. Last week when I went to do pullups I couldn’t do more reps so I started doing them every day, but no negatives just more volume, maybe a couple times a day. Yesterday after one day break I was able to do 8 full reps so there’s definitely something to increased frequency! So I think volume/total time under tension is also important as you mention. I guess keep doing what you’re doing until you stop making gains, they try something else :)

    I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat (from 206+ to 188 lbs) and want to get down to 12% or less body fat as I’m at 17.9% right now. I eat high carb, low fat, low protein (<10% each) lots of potatoes.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat (from 206+ to 188 lbs) and want to get down to 12% or less body fat as I’m at 17.9% right now. I eat high carb, low fat, low protein (<10% each) lots of potatoes.

      Congrast on the fat loss Will! That’s an interesting way you eat. I was wondering whether the low fat intake might have affected your testosterone levels negatively? I struggled with low T when I ate a low fat diet.

      Yesterday after one day break I was able to do 8 full reps so there’s definitely something to increased frequency!

      There definitely is. When I changed from training 3 days a week to 6-7, I noticed that my body responded very fast to that type of training.

      A year ago, I would be able to max out 15 reps on the chin up, but that was only a feat I could accomplish occasionally when I was fully recovered. On “off days”, I would struggle with 10 reps.

      Today, I can max out in the 20-25 rep range (depending on how controlled I do them), and that’s something I can do everyday on my first set.

      A lot of people think that the only possible way to progress in training is by adding weight or reps, but how about increasing the amount of days you train with that weight or those reps?

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