Are You Skinny-Fat?

Skinny-Fat Transformation 1Being skinny-fat means that you have a weak upper body while being soft all over.

Here are the top 5 characteristics of a skinny-fat guy: 

  1. A soft chest or puffy nipples
  2. Love handles and fat around your lower waist
  3. Weak and skinny arms
  4. Small shoulders
  5. A difficult time gaining even small amounts of muscle mass on your shoulders, upper chest and arms

If you have most of these characteristics, you are skinny-fat and I’ll help you get started with your body-transformation.

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Examples of Skinny-Fat Transformations

My coaching client Logan Rando’s 12 week transformation (skinny-fat before, jacked now):

Logan Rando Transformation

My coaching client Harshit Godha’s 1 year transformation (skinny-fat before, athletic now):

Harshit Godha


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