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Fat Teen Incredible Body Transformation

4 Year Skinny-Fat Body Transformation

2010-2013 Body Transformation: Chubby to Ripped

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2 Exercises To Build Upper Chest Size

Massive BACK Workout For An Aesthetic V-Taper

Massive ARM Workout (Biceps and Triceps)

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Can You Build Wide Lats With Chin Ups?

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Episode 1: How to Get Started With Calisthenics

Episode 2: How to Avoid Overtraining, Mental Burnouts and Prevent Injuries

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Steve Chavez, Peru: "It is the best workout I’ve had, I’ve never did a single pull up, managing to do pull up reps was a breakthrough for me. It was the best decision I made for my personal health. Without your coaching I wouldn’t been able to improve my physique.”

Gordon Martin, USA: "For the first time in 36 years, I am losing fat rather than gaining it! I already look better than most of my friends who are out of shape and overweight. I loved the customized bodyweight workouts. For those of us who travel a lot, there are no more problems with finding a gym.”