The Online Transformation Program For Skinny-Fat Guys

Page last updated: January 2018 by Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Trainer

My Online Transformation Program is the best online personal coaching available for skinny-fat guys.

It follows my proven 2 Phase training and diet system where we first focus on shedding off all excess body-fat and then rebuilding your body with muscle mass in the right places (with the most important muscles being the shoulders, upper chest, arms, lats and upper back):

Here are the specifics of how I will help you achieve your goal physique with my Online Transformation Program:

Step 1/3: I assess your physique and fitness levels through a Comprehensive 6-Page Client Assessment Form.

The Client Assessment Form contains questions about:

  • Your current body-composition.
  • Your ideal dream physique.
  • Top reasons to transform your body.
  • Whether you prefer home or gym training.
  • Available training time each week.
  • Available training equipment.
  • Current fitness levels.
  • Sports or activities you’re currently doing.
  • Existing injuries.
  • Training history.
  • Diet history.
  • Dietary preferences.
  • Other things I should know of.

The Client Assessment Form ensures that your training program and diet plan are 100% customised for you.

Start your Assessment here.

Step 2/3: You receive your customised training program and diet plan within 5 days (both +20 pages in length)

  • Customised Training Program (+20 page document): Fully detailed training program with the best exercises for your unique body-type. (Both home training and gym training offered). I will help you achieve perfect form by including the best instructional videos for each exercise.
  • Customised Diet Plan (+20 page document): Includes over 30 food options for each meal to help you optimise your natural testosterone production and everything will be laid out clearly so you know exactly how often to eat, what to eat and how much to eat of each food.

The training program and diet plan both come as .pages documents that are readable on any mobile or desktop device.

They’re each +20 pages in length with a comprehensive FAQ section that answers my clients’ most Frequently Asked Questions over the past 5 years.

Here’s an example of how my customised training programs and diet plans look:

(I know, they’re not pretty but if you follow through with them you will get results).

Step 3/3: Weekly progress check-ins and feedback through email

After you get started on the program, I monitor your body-measurements and strength on key exercises every Sunday in a shared progress tracking sheet.

By monitoring your body-measurements and strength progress every week, I can see exactly how the program is working (or not working) for you.

Based on your weekly check-ins, I update your training program and diet plan whenever it’s needed.

The weekly progress check-ins and program updates ensure that you make continual progress year around instead of constantly stalling.

Here’s an example of a client’s 12 week progress sheet:

In addition to receiving feedback, you will also have access to my private coaching email address so you can ask ANY questions that come up.

Questions such as:

  • “Can I replace chicken breast with sashimi?”
  • “Can I add a snack between lunch and dinner because I’m hungry?”
  • “I don’t feel my shoulders working on dumbbell reverse flyes. Can you check my video and give me feedback on my form?”

All your questions will be answered by me personally and not an assistant.

In other words, as my former client Gordon Martin said: You can turn off your brain and focus on getting results.

Overall, this program structure has ensured that my clients have almost a 100% success rate.

You can see a few of my client success stories below:

Logan Rando, US:

Harshit Godha, India:

Harshit Godha

Apostolis Georgodakis, Greece:

Apply for the Online Transformation Program

To ensure that my clients get the highest quality service, I work with a limited amount of clients each year.

To see if you’re a good fit for the Online Transformation Program, apply through the link below:

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