7 Benefits of Getting Ripped

Transforming yourself from a skinny-fat guy is a lifelong change in lifestyle and it’s a highly difficult endeavour in the first few years, until you figure out what works for you. Before I got to a point where I was satisfied with my physique, I would often ask myself: Is it really worth it to change my lifestyle upside down to get ripped?

Front3.5 years into training I can answer YES to my question and here’s why:

1. Pushing Through Failure Builds Persistence

Throughout my 3.5 years in training I have tried a lot of diets and training routines that didn’t work for me. Despite of that I kept pushing until I reached a point where I was satisfied with my physique. Hence, it’s safe to say that transforming yourself from skinny-fat to ripped builds persistence. This is one of the key qualities to attract high quality women.

Right now I have a very attractive and intelligent 20 year old girlfriend that improves my life quality a lot, and I can say with certainty that I would never have gotten her had I not been persistent: she kept rejecting my advances for a long time, but I kept going for what I wanted until I finally got it just like I did in training.

2. Women are Attracted to Ripped Men

By training for a long time you build wide shoulders, reduce the size of your waist and your face will look leaner at a lower body fat percentage. Those male traits are very attractive to females and It has been scientifically proven that women are much more attracted to a fit guy with wide shoulders and narrow hips compared to height. According to a study done on male attraction to the opposite sex:

About 80 percent of 105 women queried cited a wide shoulder-to-hip ratio as being attractive, the study found, with the other 20 percent split equally between height and flaccid penis size.

This is good news for you if you are unfortunate to be a short guy because a wide shoulder-to-hip ratio will make up for that! Personally, I can totally relate to this study even though I’m very tall: After getting a V-shaped torso, I noticed that a lot of women were checking me out in comparison to when I had narrow shoulders, wide hips and a soft looking face.

Forget everything about all that Pick Up Artist crap stating that you just need to have good game to get high quality women. By being ripped and persistent you won’t need to change your personality so women like you better – this is never a good long term strategy to initiate a relationship with a woman. Instead, being ripped will make you attractive to women from the get-go and by being persisent you will be able to go for the woman that YOU desire.

3. Respect

When I started training I wanted to increase my attraction and get respect.

As explained above, training will increase your attraction BUT it will also increase the amount of respect you get from anyone you interact with. When I was an out of shape skinny-fat guy, I would rarely get random smiles from people on the street. Today, it’s a totally different story. When I walk around people often smile at me and make room for me when I walk on the street. Also, when I go clubbing other guys often ask me if I lift weights, and when I train people often comment on my wide back. It’s a great feeling to be respected as a result of your hard work.

4. Motivation to Succeed

After accomplishing my first pull up, and progressing a lot on my deadlift I learned about the rewards of hard work. This lesson has transmitted into other areas of my life, such as studying. I was close to dropping out of business school, but I have improved my grades because I implemented a lot of elements from training such as tracking progress and writing down goals. Along with good eating and training my energy levels are stable and my motivation to succeed in other areas of life is present!

5. Long Term Health

Stronger muscles lead to less wear of the bones and strength training also improves your cardio (remember that your heart is the most important organ)!

6. Happiness

How can you be depressed if you wake up to see a fit body in the mirror everyday and you train regularly which results in a release of endorphins?

7. Improved Athletic Performance

One Armed LibGetting strong will enable you to do things in sports that you could never dream of before. Personally, I got into partner stunting by accident. This sport is actually very demanding for a male, since it involves you lifting and tossing a girl above your head. My strength training back ground enabled me to progress quiet fast in partner stunts; after 1.5 month of training with my partner 2 times a week, I was able to toss her up in the air, catch her feet and press her above my head, where she would stand on one foot. Today I can do advanced stunts such as a one armed lib as shown in the picture at your left side.

There is a theory in political economy called Rational Choice Theory, which basically explains that an individual will take action if the benefits outweigh the costs. For me the benefits definitely outweigh the costs, and that is why I keep taking action on a daily basis! So I suggest that you ask yourself: do the long term benefits of this lifestyle outweigh the effort to succeed?

–          Oskar


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  1. This is the exact type of article and answer I was lookijg for. I am fat, 30 and unhappy because I am not comfortable in my body. Its motivating to know that bu getting in shape will increase my chances of getting women, because I got zero game and that pua bullshit doesnt work on me. Thanks for this article! Really helpful!

  2. Hey hun, don’t be so mean,my name is weirdo. But, yea dude, your cute, but I your muscles are really weirdly shaped try mixing up exercises. XO

  3. Hey oscar,i couldn’t aggre more with your statements in that article.

    However i have a comment about point 1.Undoubtedly persistence is a good trait as far as it concern to not quitting through difficulties and never giving up.
    Concerning women persistence could be devastating,because a man who is persistent in trying with the one and only woman,is making her the center of his world.That is a must avoided mistake. I think that your girlfriend succumbed in your flirt not because of your persistence but maybe because the fact that your personality and body has changed through the time you were trying and she could feel that. She could feel that you were more confident and more masculine so she fell for you…


    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Hi Damian,

      I agree that you shouldn’t make a woman your only priority in life, but the truth is that many high quality women take a long time to girlfriend. If the woman is too easy you don’t appreciate her as much as you would otherwise.

  4. Great post!

    I found your blog by following Bold and Determined and I have a few questions, but let me tell you my current state. I am big-boned and was usually fat, but know I have slimmed down a lot, but still have love handles and fat around the waist (like your previous pictures). I have from time to time done bodyweight exercises then got bored and stopped. My diet is clean since last year, I eat mainly high-fat, high-protein, zero-to-low carb, which is helping tremendously.

    My questions are:

    1) In order to look good aesthetically speaking, Do you recommend I follow bodyweight training or lift weights?

    2) What’s your opinion of Body of a Spartan from Bold and Determined?

  5. 91Papier says:

    wow, this post is really inspiring.. I hope I can change my skinny-fat body like you! :)

  6. I like your short and on to the point articles. I’ll definitely subscribe and stay updated!

    I have a question regarding your success with women after you got ripped? Did any of your former female friends suddenly become attracted to you?

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      They definitely noticed, and I got a lot more succes with women when going out to bars and clubs.

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