How Mikael Syding Retired At Age 42 As A Decamillionaire

Mikael Syding

Today, I have a finance celebrity on the Skinny-Fat Transformation Podcast: Mikael Syding.

Mikael retired at age 42 as a decamillionaire (USD) and was awarded Europe’s Best Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade after outperforming the financial market with 600% for a decade!

Currently, he’s the only person in the world who has had the honour to achieve this award, and he holds it proudly here in a picture with me:

Mikael Syding and Oskar Faarkrog

Besides being one of the most successful people in finance, Mikael has a 310lbs. bench press and phenomenal health for someone in his forties.

This summer I visited Mikael in his apartment in Stockholm to interview him on a variety of topics including:

  • Fast cars: What’s it like to own a Lambourghini and is it worth it?
  • Career: Should you “whore out” and work a boring job to make a lot of money or work a job you love?
  • Women: Will money make you successful with women?
  • Health: How do you maintain your health while working countless 80 hour work weeks?
  • Bodybuilding: How to bench press 310lbs. in your forties.

I highly respect Mikael and he’s my biggest role-model, therefore I want to share the interview below..

Full 52 Minute Interview With Mikael Syding:

Mikael Syding’s Blog, Twitter and eBook

For those of you that want more content from Mikael Syding, make sure to check out his blog, social media and 149-page eBook (all 100% FREE):

The blog covers health, artificial intelligence, finance and personal development and is updated weekly with new posts.

The finance eBook explains how Mikael outperformed the market with 600% for a decade and where the market is going in 2015-2016. (It’s a must-have it you’re into finance).

And, here’s my favorite post from Mikael’s blog: The hardest truth about achieving success won’t make you happy

This post has so much good advice that I printed it out and put it on my working desk.

So there you have it. An abundance of free advice and resources by the Best European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade.

Be proud but stay hungry,

Oskar Faarkrog



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    Mikael, have you read this article?

    • I have now. Of course it’s important to be open to dangers with certain foods or supplements. That’s why I have limited myself to fish oil, probiotics and vitamin-D. However, fish oil is as close to a natural non-processed food you can get

      Remember how fish oil was discovered: the Norwegian population was healthier during hard years when they lived on fish rather than beef. In addition, humans have lived off fish and grass fed wild animals for most of our existence.

      Anyway, I’m not a doctor or scientist. I just noticed that most studies only point to benefits, and I myself have only noted very strong health benefits.

      Examine is usually the place to go to for unbiased scientific reviews; Here is their take on fish oil supplements:

      It includes 724 references for fish oil studies etc. I trust Examine more.

  2. Awesome stuff guys! Mikael, would love to have you contribute more inside the Cognoscente! :)
    And please let me know if/when you’re in So Cal. Congrats on all your success! Well deserved! May you continue to vibrate at the highest level!

  3. Great podcast, you cover a lot of ground here.

    Maybe Mikael should also consider a modeling career.

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