My 4 Year Skinny-Fat Transformation

back progressIn June 2013 I released my first transformation video on YouTube.

The video received a great response, and was responsible for getting some of the first visitors to my website.

Today, the video has over 60,000 views, 174 comments and 96% likes.

However, I’ve come a long way since the video.

My physique is much better today than it was last year, so I’ve decided to make a NEW skinny-fat transformation video.

The goal of the video is to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to get in shape!

You can view it below:

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  1. Hi, cangrats, man. your work is amazing. So, my problem is that i’m fat, and of course i had a horrible belly (my belly doesn’t look worst just because im tall -181cm-) and i want to lose weight. A month ago i got sick with some problem on my colon (because of my bad diet and my addiction to coca-cola). So, for me is the end for my fatness. And i’ve never felt that confident. So i want to start, and i have many questions, but the most important is: what was your age when you started?. Is because i’m 21 and i don’t wanna “lose” my twenties with this fatness so i need hope hehehe..
    So, go on. Man.
    (I hope you understand what i wrote, im venezuelan and my english is not perfect hehe)

  2. Hey Oskar remarkable change. Is it really possible for me to do this with just pushups … without any weight lifitng? It is so hard to believe …. even those who’ve been lifting religiously don’t have your physique.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thank you Oscar. I use both weights and bodyweight to keep my training interesting, but I rarely lift heavy. If you doubt the effectiveness of bodyweight training, look at Frank Medrano, Lazar Novovic, HIT Richards and Hannibal for King. You can’t get my physique with just push ups, but I’m sure you can with different variations of push ups, pull ups and squats. Just imagine a guy who can do 20 clean muscle ups, front levers and pistol squats. He will be more fit than pretty much any guy in your average gym.

  3. Dear Oskar Faarkrog:

    Really a great and immpressive website I have been looking for. I am from german and 39 year old skinny fat man.

    I wanted to ask you if it is possible for me to transfer my body at age of 39. I am no young man more.

    should I follow the same training on your website or there is separate training plan for people above 35.

    thanks again.

    Essen, Germany.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Hi Micheal,

      Thank you.

      Yes, you can use the same workouts and principles just like other guys here. Most of my readers are your age, and there are several +50 guys on the website who have gotten great results with the same workouts.

      For example, take a look at this interview with Ron who could do 17 chin ups at age 62:

      Also, here’s a comment from a reader:

      “I am 62 years of age, I weigh 180 lbs, and can do between 15 and 18 chin-ups on a good day without stopping.”

      I believe that bodyweight exercises are especially useful as you get older, since they are easier on the joints and give you a good idea of your body composition.

  4. hey oskar. your transformation is great for sure but i wonder why you did not make any progress in your first year. did you do something wrong?

  5. Hey Oskar, I’ve been looking over your transformation for awhile now and I must say I’m extremely impressed! I don’t want to take anything away from your transformation but how old were you when you first began your transformation? Do you believe that a majority of it was the fact that you were yet to hit a heavy development period in your life? I’ve seen quite a few skinny-fat transformations but a mass majority of the ones that are successful it seems that the sufferer is a young teen who finally grows up and they are magically cured. I’m 21 now, 6’3″ and 175 lbs. and skinny fat as hell. I figure a majority of my growing is done by now and even after 3+ years of intense training and diet there have been little results. Once again, unbelievable job on your transformation and I am impressed but how much do you contribute to age?

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thanks Jacob.

      I was 17. I doubt that my gains were due to puberty. I stopped growing in height around age 15, and my bone structure hasn’t changed to any noticeable degree past age 15.

      If you notice, I never have periods of rapid growth. See my old movie with monthly pictures to see what I mean:

      To answer your question, I contribute my transformation to 4 years of obsessive hard work at the gym, in the kitchen and in front of my computer studying training, eating and the endocrine system.

      • Thanks for the reply. I do now see that you pretty much leveled out in height and really do understand that your transformation took some tremendous effort. I’m trying not to complain about genes but that doesn’t mean I can still think that it’s a little unfair! Haha thanks again for the continued inspiration in hopes that I can do what you’ve been able to accomplish!

        • Oskar Faarkrog says:

          Here’s a good mindset tip.

          Instead of thinking:

          “I have bad genetics so it’s gonna be hard.”

          Think like this:

          “I have bad genetics, so I’m gonna show others that I can still build a great physique.”

          You can always frame things positively or negatively. In my experience, framing things positively enables you to make MUCH better progress in the long term while actually enjoying the whole process.

  6. You’re story is pretty damn amazing. it just requires a lot of hard work and intelligence to pull off what you did. Keep up the good work mate. I have the exact same body type as you did a few years ago; love handles and a skinny upper body. I’ve managed to turn that ship around. I’m 5’10” and was 195 lbs, now I am 178 lbs and my target is 170 lbs before i start bulking.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thank you Mohammad,

      Good progress, do you have any before/after pics? If so, feel free to post a link so other skinny-fat guys can get inspired.

  7. I saw your back pic when u r skinnyfat.i think one can find how high their future lats will be.the point at which lats muscle ends have deep i right.just see your before and after of back

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Why do you worry about lat insertions? Lat insertions are only important if you’re going to compete in top level bodybuilding.

  8. Oskar, just wanted to echo another comment, this is one of the most impressive transformation videos I’ve seen. Most videos are tricks — e.g., really fit guys who put on a bit of weight, or really fit guys who lost some weight. This is the real deal. Heartfelt congratulations on that. Also, loved the girl-weighted pull-up. An excellent motivator. :)

    I started from a position similar to yours (same abdomen, same chest), but I was in my late 20s then. I made progress similar to your picture 3 on “My Transformation” page, but then I stopped. Now in my early 30s I discovered your website, and your picture 4 — where you’re standing in the park — made me think, “Oh, man, I could look like that if I didn’t stop.”

    I realized I just settled on a look because I thought that was “good enough.” I probably lived with that body for so long my that dreams for transformation were small. So now you’ve inspired me to keep pushing past what I thought I could do.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

      I actually also “settled” in my 3rd picture, but at the time I was competing in cheerleading, so I just kept working out without thinking much about nutrition/what routine I did.

      I saw progress from my workouts, and that motivated me to just keep pushing it since then.

  9. Awesome mate!

    Get ready for the avalanche of visitors from YT … I hope your web host can handle that shit :D

  10. U have low lat insertions.thats why your back look huge

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      You mean high lat insertions, right? Low lat insertions would make my back look less wide.

      Yes, my lat insertions are high, but keep in mind that I also have a wide hip structure and naturally narrow shoulders, so it still took me YEARS to get my back to look wide.

      • Brandon Lutz says:

        I have this similar bone structure too, and it sucks.. I had to take a break from overhand lat pulldown a to make sure the lower lats were engaged too to balance out the work done on the teres major, keeping it from looking too wide. I’ve made it part of my training regimen to change grips now and then on pull-ups /chin-ups.

        • Oskar Faarkrog says:

          Yeah wide hips and narrow shoulders suck. I do the same too now and it helps. After switching up grips I can see 2 lat muscles instead of 1 (separation between the lower and upper part).

    • I think the main reason his back looks huge is mostly because it IS huge.

  11. Great transformation…u heard of al kavadlo.he is very famous in field of bodyweight exercises.but he looks less muscular than you although he can do any advanced bodyweight exercise like planche.and he is working out for almost 20 years.he is 5’11” and 160 pounds with 10 to 12% bf.what do you have better genetics than him?

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thank you.

      Yes, I know about Al Kavadlo.

      If I recall correctly, he wrote an article where he stated that he used to be bigger than he is now, but that he doesn’t want to be big anymore. He wants to stay as light as possible to enable himself to perform better in calisthenics.

      I don’t know whether I have better or worse genetics than him. The reason to why I look bigger than he does most likely lies in our differences in training and nutrition. I train like a bodybuilder and eat to gain muscle. He trains for performance and eats at maintenance. (This is my guess, correct me if I’m wrong).

  12. congratulations! not all are “stubborn” and keep trying to figure out what went wrong. I started about in february and it has been really slow and for moments ive been really dissapointed, is not the paradise and all lies most websites promise, its websites like yours that help people to keep the feet in the ground and work hard to achieve the results

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thank you, I’m glad that my website has given you some realistic goals to work towards. That’s one of the main goals of this site.

  13. Man this is the most amazing transformation I have ever seen. A lot of transformation videos start with a ”fat” guy but with muscle under that fat, some other people are just skinny guys with no fat that get muscular by eating all kind of food. But your transformation is amazing because you were a skinny-fat and right know you’re so big and strong with almost no fat.

    Thanks you a lot for sharing your knowledge with us and help us reaching a better version of ourselves

    • Ya know, I have actually noticed the same thing, I think that the reason might be because with most transformation videos, it is a short three month or six month transformation and a lot of times they are made for a certain program that has something to sell so they use people that already have a great muscle base with a layer of fat but when you are skinny fat, 3 month transformations are usually not all that impressive because we cant gain muscle that quickly so the only way to have a totally awesome transformation when you are skinny fat is to really stick with it for life and in a few years you have an awesome transformation. I very rarely have seen a transformation as dramatic as Oskar’s and it is truly inspiring.

      • Oskar Faarkrog says:

        Thanks Joshua, you’re also on your way to make a great transformation.

        You’re right, 4 year transformations don’t sell as well as 6 week ab shortcuts.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thanks Joan, that comment really made my day.

      • Thanks to you man. In your video I saw that you upper chest transformation is so big. I have reached 20 perfect form diamond push ups but my upper chest is non existent. What modification or other exercise you recommend me?

        • Oskar Faarkrog says:

          I’m glad to hear the change is noticeable – my chest always used to bother me.

          Here are some tips for upper chest:

          – Diamond Push Ups: Try tilting your feet forward and shoot your hips up a bit, so you have a slight incline on your diamonds. This should help target the upper chest.
          – Other exercises to do: Low cable flyes, incline DB pullovers, incline DB flyes

          The key on all those exercises is to go light and focus on the chest.

          • Thanks man. I have already started doing diamond push ups with my hips up. I will progress until 20 of them and then I will move to incline diamond push ups ( I guess that they are effective to)


  14. Hey Oskar, really great video. Your transformation is pretty incredible I must say. What was it that made you keep going every day with the work? Was there a specific moment in which you snapped and went all in?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thank you Tate. I just went all in from the beginning, because I wanted it really bad. I knew that a better body was the ticket to a better life. I couldn’t stand waking up and seeing manboobs and love handles in the mirror. I couldn’t stand being weaker than most women who work out. I was so embarassed about my physique, that I saw no other option.

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