Meet Logan Rando: Former Skinny-Fat Guy, Now Jacked

Download my bodyweight program for skinny-fat guys (63-page PDF, free edition)

Logan Rando is a former client of mine who made an amazing transformation from skinny-fat to jacked while following my Basic Bodyweight Training Program and later joining my online coaching program.

His transformation inspired many of my readers to take action, therefore I decided to post his video on the blog:

I took a vacation to the Dominican Republic and was constantly complimented on my physique. Friends who hadn’t seen me in months were astonished and inspired by my transformation. – Logan Rando

Be proud but stay hungry,

Oskar Faarkrog

Download my bodyweight program for skinny-fat guys (63-page PDF, free edition)


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  1. Congratulations Logan on your body transformation!

    You continue to inspire people, Oskar and are helping people transform their bodies as well as their lives for the better!

    Well Done and keep fighting the good fight!


  2. Jimmy Norrgård says:

    Great transformation for both of you! Please listen to my story:

    I’ve been doing strength training for around 10 months now, först starting strength and a similar routine on caloric surplus for the first 4 and your routine with bw training and greyskull at the end with caloric deficit for like 3-4 months. I lost 13kg and got from 5-6 chin ups with bad technique to 14 with good technique. I estamated that my bf was a little under 12%

    Now i’ve been on surplus again and still doing greyskull. In little over 1 month i gaind 4kg which is too much, but still my lifts doesnt get heavier, i stalled at 55kg x5 on my deficit and now after bulking i stalled again at 57×5 which feels really disappointing. Sure, i lift as heavy now as when i weighed 74 (now 65) but yeah, still too little gains or doesnt you agree?

    So now im thinking about to lose weight again while still on gs and maybe go down to 57 kg or even less if it feels right and then try to eat at a slight surplus (eats2500 to 3000 kcal now) and just be consistent.Im 170 cm tall btw. Do you like my idea Oskar? or do you have any other suggestions? I eat much animalic fats eggs and varied meals, cashew, whey after workout, eat crap food only on the weekends.

    Hope you read this and answer, i want to be strong and hopefully look Great someday.

    Best regards /Jimmy

    • Jimmy Norrgård says:

      Forgot to mention that the lifts I stalled at 57kg was for bench press. My deadlift is at 90kg and 8 reps and still goes up. And military press 43,5kg x5 when i stalled recently. Squats at only 65 x5 but i dont care about squatting heavy and i go really low, almost ass to the floor. So theres were i am now, hope to make bigger gains some day. :)

      Best regards /Jimmy