Optimise Your Omega-3 Index to Boost Natural Testosterone Production

When you have high testosterone levels, you’re playing the body-transformation game on “easy” rather than “hard”.

You’re more motivated to train hard.

You pack on muscle mass faster.

It’s easier to stay lean.

You recover faster between training sessions.

Your athletic performance improves.

…And so much more.

As stated earlier on the blog: After years of trial and error, I increased my total testosterone production with 159%. 

And this increase has enabled me to pack on muscle mass and stay lean much easier than ever before.

The increase was mainly a result of getting on the High Testosterone Diet but also sleeping more and living a life full of travel, novelty and adventure.

However, while it’s crucial to increase your total testosterone, it’s not enough. Total testosterone is just a number.

Your body must be able to utilise the testosterone for important functions such as your ability to pack on muscle mass and stay lean.

And after analysing dozens of client lab results, I’ve discovered that many of them had a decent total testosterone production while having a free testosterone production at the low end of the range.

From a practical perspective, it doesn’t matter if you have a total testosterone level at the very high end of the range if your free testosterone is at the low end of the range.

You won’t experience benefits such as an increased ability to gain muscle mass if your testosterone isn’t readily available in your bloodstream (free testosterone).

Here’s a breakdown of the difference between total testosterone levels and free testosterone levels:

  • Total testosterone levels: The total amount of testosterone that your body produces.
  • Free testosterone levels: The total amount of testosterone in your bloodstream. This is the testosterone that your body can use for functions such as building muscle mass and boosting recovery between training sessions. Since some of your testosterone binds to other hormones such as SHGB, free testosterone will always be lower than total testosterone.

In other words, it’s possible to have high total testosterone levels while having low free testosterone levels because testosterone is tied to a bunch of other hormones in your body.

Luckily, I found an easy way to boost both your total testosterone and free testosterone levels.

Increase Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone Naturally By Optimising Your Omega-3 Index

Your ability to produce testosterone and to have it readily available in the bloodstream is tied to a bunch of other hormones.

Two of the important ones are SHBG and LH:

  1. SHBG: Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin – This hormone binds to your testosterone, thereby leaving less free testosterone.
  2. LH: Luteinizing Hormone – This hormone triggers testosterone production.

After doing some research, I found that an optimal Omega-3 Index reduces SHBG while increasing LH.

The end result: More total testosterone AND free testosterone.

Therefore, in addition to following a proper diet plan, I highly recommend that you supplement with a high dosed Omega-3 supplement.

The two Omega-3 brands I recommend are listed below:

I’ve tested both ArcticMed and Athletic Greens extensively for months and they transformed my Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio from (12:1) to less than (4:1) in just 4 months.

I can’t recommend other brands because prior to using the brands listed above, I was using a variety of brands from my local pharmacy for years, but these didn’t produce any results.

Like most supplements out there, the Omega-3 capsules in the pharmacy were underdosed and the quality of the capsules was low.

I remember that I once tried biting one of the capsules open and it tasted rancid.

A good Omega-3 supplement tastes fresh, and both ArcticMed and Athletic Greens come with that quality.

Also, keep in mind that Omega-3 isn’t just useful for your body-transformation goals.

It is one of the top preventative health care supplements on the market:

  • More than 90% people in modern society have a terrible Omega-3 index and Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio.
  • More than 90% of all modern diseases are diseases of inflammation. According to board certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Brett Osborn, Omega-3 supplementation is one of the best ways to prevent inflammation and prevent these diseases.

So optimising your Omega-3 index is well worth your money.

Located in the US or Canada? Click here to buy Athletic Greens Omega-3

Located in Europe? Click here to buy ArcticMed Omega-3

Here Are Some Customer Reviews From Amazon:

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Be proud but stay hungry,

Oskar Faarkrog


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  1. Nice blog Oskar!

    Another good tip, make sure iodine and selenium is in optimal ranges, this boosted my own free T 59% in less then 2 months, confirmed with labs before and after. These nutrients are rare in diets today.

  2. Ben Farraby says:

    Hi Oscar, I just started to read your blog since yesterday(because I was looking for fitness tips for skinny fat guy). I think your success story to get the body that you’ve got today is amazing. I trully inspired by you now. I have some questions to you, would you mind to give me advice to contact you (email is ok)? oh ya, by the way I currently stay in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thank you very much.

    • Ben Farraby says:

      Hi Oscar,

      I want to add personal info about my body. I’m not really sure to determine if my testosterone level is low/high, but I don’t see man’s boobs and in weeks I got morning erection normally (I guess it isn’t less than 4 times). In my opinion, I’m quite masculine genetically, but I think I got body type gene problem: I have a good upper body look (especially when I gaining weight), but I get ‘protruding belly’. But if I losing my weight and do more cardio(I did muay thai at the gym last year, but today is still practice it at home sometimes) my fat belly is still exist but reduced, meanwhile my upper body is looks too skinny (especially chest & shoulder). So what’s the best exercises and diet that I should do? By the way should I send you my photo to check on my body type whether it’s real skinny fat or not (in email)? Thank you.

  3. Hey Oskaar

    Amazing blog. I started following your advise several months ago and I’ve made more progress then than the last few years of training. Thank you so much for the knowledge. I just have two question.
    When you said we should aim for a lean base before the bulk cycles, how did you measure your body fat percentage?
    I am currently using body fat calipers and it shows me at around 13-15 percent body fat. I’m fairly lean, however I’ve recently noticed that most of the weight I’ve lost is through muscle mass, should I go forward with my cut or should I begin the bulk cycles?

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      I would do short bulking cycles if you have ab definition already and great job on the progress!

  4. Hi Oskar. I didn’t know anything about total vs free testosterone, so this was an eye opener for me. I also like this analogy: “When you have high testosterone levels, you’re playing the body-transformation game on “easy” rather than “hard”. I guess it’s time to try those supplements you recommend.


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