Your Omega-3 Index Is A Ticking Health Bomb: Here’s How To Disarm It In 4 Months

During the past three generations our Omega-6 to Omega-3 Balance has shifted from an optimal (1:1) to a terrible (20:1).

The generational shift doesn’t just represent obese Americans who can’t fit into a flight seat.

It also represents those of us who think we are fit and healthy.

This is a HUGE problem because a bad Omega-6 to Omega-3 Balance creates chronic inflammation inside your body, and chronic inflammation is the root cause of most modern diseases.

The Chronic Inflammation Model below is made by neurosurgeon, Dr. Brett Osborn who performed over 1,000 brain surgeries and it lists the modern diseases which are caused by chronic inflammation.
Chronic Inflammation

The conclusion of the model is clear:

Your Omega-3 Index is a ticking health bomb which opens your body to diseases such as heart failure, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Fortunately, correcting your Omega-3 Index is both cheap and simple.

I know because I corrected my Omega-3 Index in just 4 months and I have the blood work to prove it.

Therefore, this article will teach you how I corrected my Omega-3 Index in just 4 months.

It will also teach you 4 other important things:

  1. How an optimal Omega-3 Index can boost your free testosterone levels (the main muscle building hormone in the body).
  2. Why more than 9/10 people have a poor Omega-3 Index.
  3. Why most Omega-3 supplements are junk.
  4. The top 2 Omega-3 supplement brands I recommend to my private coaching clients.

Let’s get started with disarming the Omega Bomb…

Just Because You Look Healthy, It Doesn’t Mean That You Have A Good Omega-3 Index

You follow a rigorous workout program.

Most of your meals consist of whole foods.

You supplement with a multivitamin and fish oil.

You’re feeling strong in the gym and things are moving in the right direction.

At this point you can’t imagine that your body is a ticking health bomb.

Then you discover that you’re wrong.

That’s exactly what happened to me in August 2015 where I did my first fatty acid profile blood test.

The test showed that I had an Omega-6 to Omega-3 Balance of roughly (12:1).

This result is far from the optimal Omega balance which ranges from (1:1) to (3:1), therefore it’s likely that my body had suffered from inflammation for years.

So, how could my body have suffered from inflammation for years without me knowing about it?

The answer to that question is what makes inflammation dangerous.

You see… Inflammation is silent.

It can be inside your body for years without you knowing about it.

This is possible because inflammation isn’t the disease itself.

Inflammation is the thing that opens up your body to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart failure.

Because of that, you can look healthy on the outside while being a wreck on the inside.

I looked healthy on the outside but my Omega-3 Index was a ticking health bomb

If you don’t take action to correct your internal health, it’s only a matter of time before a major health problem comes up and messes up your external health.

And that’s why you have to prevent chronic inflammation rather than waiting until it’s TOO LATE.

Unfortunately, today’s environment makes it tough to attain an optimal Omega-3 Index and now I will explain the top 2 reasons to why that is the case.

Our Environment Makes It Tough To Attain An Optimal Omega-3 Index

There are 2 things in today’s environment which make Omega-3 Index optimization a nightmare:

  1. Many of foods we eat are full of the bad Omega-6. Examples are Kraft Foods in the US, meats in the US that are not grass-fed and most of the junk in your local 7-Eleven.
  2. Seafoods that are high in Omega-3 such as wild caught salmon are expensive.

Its hard to optimize your Omega-3 Index naturally when you arent an EskimoIn an ideal world, all of us would be Eskimos and eat wild caught salmon all day long.

However, ideal is different from real.

In the real world, most of us can’t eat wild caught salmon on a daily basis because it’s damn expensive.

And, even if you can afford wild caught salmon everyday, you will still need to make sure that the rest of your diet is low in Omega-6 and spend an extraordinary amount of time on researching every single food you eat.

This is especially the case if you travel a lot or live outside the EU where food regulation is lax.

Based on this, it’s much more convenient to use a high quality Omega-3 supplement.

That’s what finance guru Mikael Syding did and he hasn’t had a single cold for 7 years.

Learning About Omega-3 Index Optimization From Finance Guru, Mikael Syding

After discovering that I have a suboptimal Omega-3 Index, I decided to start supplement with a high quality Omega-3 oil from Sweden.

I was very careful about choosing the right Omega-3 brand because of 2 reasons:

  1. I had previously supplemented with high dosages of Omega-3 without any success.
  2. I wanted to make absolutely sure that I’m promoting the right Omega-3 brand on this blog since it would be the first supplement brand that I promote since the blog’s creation in 2013.

The brand I chose was ArcticMed Premium Omega-3, and now I will explain why.

It all started when I went to Stockholm in Summer 2015 to interview Mikael Syding for the Skinny-Fat Transformation Podcast.

Mikael Syding

Mikael has done everything from racing luxury sports cars to climbing a 7 KM mountain without oxygen (on his first climb ever).

He has lived a life that most of us would dream of, and now he’s retired in his early forties as a deca millionaire in USD.

Prior to retiring, he was the managing director of the hedge fund, Futuris Asset Management where he outperformed the financial market with 600% for a decade.

Because of his extraordinary performance on the stock market, his hedge fund was awarded the prize “European Hedge Fund of the Decade” – a prize that’s only given out once every ten years to one hedge fund.

When I met Mikael in his apartment in Stockholm, I noticed that his skin complexion looked healthier than any other person I have seen.

Mikael Syding

He also has an advanced level of strength on the bench press at his bodyweight with a 310lbs. max.

Because of that, I wanted to learn about how he maintained phenomenal health and fitness while working 16-hour work days for two decades.

Here’s what Mikael said: 

“Between 2006 and 2008 I made several changes in lifestyle. The most important one was adjusting my Omega-6:3 ratio (it’s absolutely stellar at 2:1 now, by drinking Omega-3 oil from ArcticMed. I haven’t had a single cold since then, despite people close to me getting ill several times a year, and I easily stepped up my workout sessions. My bench press went from slowly falling year by year, to rocketing from 240 lbs to 310 lbs. If I can give you just one tip for improved life quality, it’s to remember to DRINK OMEGA-3 OIL every day.”

He then continued to teach me about the benefits of optimizing your Omega-3 Index and why most Omega-3 supplements out there are junk.

Why Most Omega-3 Supplements Are Junk

There are 2 main reasons to why most supplements out there are junk:

  1. The fish oil is low quality. You can test this by biting open the capsule and drinking the oil. If it tastes bad, it is bad. Most oils taste bad.
  2. The Omega-3 dosage is low. You need a minimum of 2-3 grams Omega-3 daily to optimize your Omega-3 Index. Most capsules contain just 6-10% of that dosage so you would need to take 10-15 of them to reach your daily dosage.

After learning about this, I tried one of the Omega-3 supplements I had taken for years and Mikael was right…

It tasted horrible and the dosage of each capsule was just 200 mg, so I would need to take 15 of these fuckers to reach my optimal dosage.

No wonder that my Omega-3 Index was poor when I took a junk supplement.

At that point, I was 100% convinced to try Mikael’s recommended Omega-3 supplement from the ArcticMed brand.

There was only one big problem.

At the time, ArcticMed wasn’t available outside Sweden.

The reasoning is that the brand relies on an unique formula which uses a high quality olive oil from the first harvest week of the year.

This olive oil is limited in supply, therefore it’s difficult to expand the ArcticMed concept to other markets without compromising on quality.

Bummer I thought… Now Mikael had just told me about why ArcticMed is awesome, but I couldn’t get it!

Fortunately, after some intense negotiation on Mikael Syding’s rooftop, I was able to convince him to call the owner of the ArcticMed concept, Micke Marcko, and have 6 bottles of oil shipped to Denmark.

How I Disarmed My Omega Bomb In Just 4 Months

I started taking ArcticMed’s Premium Omega-3 in August 2015.

The oil came in a lemon flavor and tasted fresh compared to other fish oils I have tried before.

It also had a slight after-burn in my throat as if it was clearing out something there.

After some research I found that the after-burn was a result of the olive oil which is packed with antioxidants.

I drank 1 tablespoon of the oil with breakfast for 4 months.

In December 2015, four months after my first fatty acid profile blood test, I did my second blood test.

To my surprise, my Omega-3 Index changed from orange to green in just 4 months!

I saw an even bigger improvement in my Omega-6 to Omega-3 balance which changed from roughly (12:1) to (4:1).

The blood work also showed that my total Omega-6 didn’t improve much at all. (Probably because I ate a junk diet in Thailand).

The major improvement was a result of the massive improvement in my Omega-3 numbers, which the oil is supposed to correct.

Summary of My 4 Month Omega-3 Index Improvement

Oskar Faarkrog Omega-3 Index

The conclusion of the fatty acid profile blood tests is that supplementing with ArcticMed’s Omega-3 for 4 months in Bangkok (while eating a diet full of junk-food), outperformed the results I had gotten from:

  • Working out and eating a diet full of whole foods for 4 years while being at home in Denmark.
  • Supplementing with various Omega-3 supplement brands from the local pharmacy for 2-3 years.

…And that’s why it’s crucial that you supplement with a high quality omega-3 supplement brand and not some random junk from the pharmacy.

The two brands I recommend are listed below:

I’ve tested both extensively for months and they work.

I can’t recommend other brands because prior to using the brands listed above, I was using a variety of brands from my local pharmacy for years, but these didn’t produce any results.

Like most supplements out there, the Omega-3 capsules in the pharmacy were underdosed and the quality of the capsules was low.

I remember that I once tried biting one of the capsules open and it tasted rancid.

A good Omega-3 supplement tastes fresh, and both ArcticMed and Athletic Greens come with that quality.

Be proud but stay hungry,

Oskar Faarkrog

Disclaimer:  You should not use Omega-3 supplements if you’re on blood thinning medication. 

Image credit for the ticking health bomb:Edward Simpson

Image credit for Stockholm: Tommie Hansen

Image credit for Eskimo: born1945


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  1. Hey Oskaar, for the link it says that that omega oil is currently unavailable, any other places it can be purchased?

  2. Why that Thai girl have 3 arms?

  3. Hi Oskar.
    I did not find any reference to an article for people to choose an Omega 3 supplement who live outside US and EU. (I am from India)
    Could you please link me the article?
    Or could you suggest me a brand available in India if you have have any knowledge of it? Thanks

  4. Hey Oskar,

    Thanks for the informative description of Omega-3 and the vital role it plays in health. I especially enjoied learning about your own experience. Most people don’t write enough from personal experience!

    My wife is allergic to fish with the exception of a specific flash-frozen Salmon. I have been taking a supplement for months now which contains 1,000mg(1gram?) fish oil. I had been taking 12 of those per day because I had not noticed the dosage was that high.

    I have two questions:

    Does eating one fillet of salmon per day fulfill rthe omega-3 requirement?
    Does that supplement contain enough for reducing the dosage to 3 pills per day?

    If these fillets furfill the requirments I would stop the supplements!

    – Shawn Michael Hartwell

    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      Hey Shawn,

      I just googled the first question for you since I was curious myself and here’s what came up:

      “A 3-ounce filet of fresh or frozen salmon has between 1.1 and 1.9 grams of omega-3 fatty acids.”

      Regarding dosage:

      You want to get in between 2-3 grams of omega-3 per day, so that’s about 2 x 3-ounce salmon filets.

      To meet the daily dosage through Omega-3 supplementation, you would need to eat 2-3 of the 1 gram gram capsules. There’s one thing to keep in mind though with supplements: You want to make sure that you take 2-3 grams of Omega-3 and not just 2-3 grams of capsules. One capsule might be 1 gram, but not all of that 1 gram would be Omega-3, so take a look at the content description on the back to figure this out.

  5. Hey Oscar, great article. What do you think of Omega Jim, since I live in Australia and therefore can’t buy the Athletic Green omega or ArticMed. Thanks

  6. Hey Oskar, Have you came across another omega 3 supplement that I had researched called Life extensions Super Omega 3 EPA/DHA With sesame lignans & Olive Oil – Moleculary Distilled?.

    Anyways It is in capsule form but when I bit open the capsule it tasted fresh with a hint of olive oil very tasty. I did an analysis based on what you said is a quality omega 3 supplement so I found this. I will go ahead and try Athletic Green myself, But Just wanted to tell you about this great omega 3 supplement also.

    Thanks for the free advice too, I’m already down to 180 from 205 whilst Being in a deficit and Gaining lean muscle mass.

    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      That’s great to hear Andrea and how did you lose the fat?

      • I lost it doing your advice of being in a deficit, currently at 1800 per day, eating things like rye bread, and peanut butter. As well as lean meats, and red meats. I also enjoy Intermittent fasting everyday at about 16 hours at a time. Greg o Gallagher is one that I follow also, Do you know him?

        • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

          That’s great to hear :) yes I know about him. He has some good advice on diet

  7. Great article Oskar – Very eye-opening and informative. Well thought out and easy to understand. I feel smarter after reading this article!

    Omega oils are definitely something I will be looking into for my overall health.

    Thanks for sharing and educating.


  8. Hi Oscar,
    Very well timed and useful article as I was researching more about inflammation and its detrimental long term effects.

    I’ve been experimenting with starting my morning with lemon water + ginger + turmeric + cinnamon which all are supposed to reduce inflammation. I’d be very curious to hear your opinion on those?

    Thank You!

    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      Hey M, I’m glad you found it useful.

      Unfortunately I don’t know much about that so I can’t give an opinion on it. Do you also take Omega-3?

      • Yes, I also take 3 Exos Omega3 pills ( daily. It’s expensive but my personal trainer recommends it as the company behind it (Thorne Research) targets athletes.

    • Lemon water is actually great to have first thing each morning, but I don’t know if it helps with inflammation. It does, however, prepare your digestive system for the day, and helps clean your liver and kidneys.

      Ginger and turmeric are great as well for their own reasons, but again, I do not know how these ingredients can help bring down inflammation in particular, I’m not really knowledgeable about that.

  9. Hi Oscar,
    Thank you for sharing this information.
    Its just now that i understand these facts about fatty acids.
    And i found that reading your blogs somehow gives me some kind of energy, hope or shall i say motivation.
    Just want to know what it meant when you said ‘be proud and stay hungry’?

    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      You’re welcome Ace.

      I’m happy to hear that it gives you energy and motivation! :)

      Be proud but stay hungry: I mean that you should be proud of the progress you make, while staying hungry to achieve more.

  10. One more awesome article! Oskar, nothing related to this post, but i need to ask, i will cant sleep this night. This can be make me loss muscle mass? I was earning some muscle since i discover your site. And i’m afraid to lose muscle. Sorry for bad english and keep the great work!

    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      Hey Thi,

      One night of no sleeping won’t make you lose muscle mass. Just make sure you’re consistent most days.

  11. Thanks for finding out this stuff and clearing out the confusion Oskar. That’s what I like when I come to read your site, where as everywhere else I just get a bunch of conflicting information. I guess it is just the natural result of the world becoming increasingly complex and all that…. but I dont like it! :P

    Since I live in the UK, I can just order ArcticMed from Amazon right?

    I think my Omega 3 values will be bad because we eat a lot of junk foods here. I am not fat, but I dont look as good as you do in that photo where you say your body had internal inflammation.

    Anyway thanks again and I look forward to your answer.

    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      Hey Charlie,

      Yes, ArcticMed is available on Amazon for everyone living in the UK and EU.

  12. Oskar another great article.! Quick question. What about if we live in Canada, would you be able to recommend anything for us?

    • Oskar Faarkrog, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says:

      Hey Jack,

      Thank you.

      Unfortunately I don’t know any good brands in Canada, but you can follow the tips in the article to find a good Omega-3.

      • I’m inclined to say Clearwater’s brand of Omega-3 capsules. Tried them before, tasted very good.

        1065mg of fish oil, from anchovy, sardine, and mackarel, 400mg (!!!) of EPA, 200mg DHA, even 6.7mg of vitamin E. They have it at $21 for a bottle of 90 capsules. I have no idea if that is considered pricey or not compared to others.

    • Knock yourself out guys.

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