The Best Gym Headphones (Sony NWZW273) and 3 Practical Tips

Sony NWZW273

Recently, I forgot my headphones for my training, and it absolutely sucked. I cannot have a good training session without music. Loud, high energy music enables me to push myself further into my set once it starts burning and my mind is about to give up. That’s when I realized that you readers may find [...]

7 Fat Loss Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


In 2011/2012 I went from a fat 235 lbs to a lean 177 lbs. I made a lot of mistakes on my 18 month fat loss journey, but I still managed to get rid of that chub and get lean for the first time in my life. Today, I weigh close to 190 lbs and [...]

Nature vs. Nurture: How Genetics Affect the Outcome of Your Hard Work

genetics DNA

One guy has naturally wide shoulders and gains strength fairly easily as long as he goes to the gym regurarly. He start with a shoulder press of 70 lbs for 5 reps. This guy is the kind of guy who is naturally athletic. Another guy has narrow shoulders and is a hardgainer when it comes [...]

How to Count Calories For More Lean Muscle Mass

Steak Meal

I frequently receive emails with guys asking me things such as: “How many calories did you eat during your fat loss?” “How many calories should I eat during my bulks?” Unfortunately, I can’t answer that because I have never tracked my calories, and I only write about things I have done. This is where my [...]

How to Learn Handstand Push Ups in 6 steps (and a routine)

Handstand Push Up

At the end of 2011 I made the switch to bodyweight training. My first routine consisted of chin ups, diamond push ups and single legged squats. However, after doing diamond push ups for over 8 months my body stopped responding to it, therefore I had to find a way to progress. At the time I [...]

How to Build the Beach Muscles with Diamond Push Ups


A lot of people start to train to develop the “beach muscles”: chest, shoulders and arms. I won’t lie, that was also one of the main goals in my training. To build the beach muscles I have tried all kinds of exercises ranging from heavy compound lifts to high rep isolation training on machines. All [...]

3 Pieces of Advice that Will Transform Your Life


After training for 4 years, I’ve realized that the number one reason people fail at transforming their bodies is their mindset. Now, the big question is: do YOU have the right mindset to transform your body from skinny-fat to aesthetic? Do you rely on motivation to get to the gym? …constantly talk about your fitness [...]

12 Lessons for the Skinny-Fat Sufferer


I got this email today: “I’m skinny fat and have a lot of this excess skin any help to start on my transformation. I did read all of your articles just don’t know where to get a head start.” From 27 May 2013 to 31 December 2013 I have written 31 articles and 1 eBook [...]

3 Month Skinny-Fat Transformations

Joshua 3 Month Skinny-Fat Transformation - Front

Skinny-Fat Transformation was launched at the end of May 2013 with one goal: help skinny-fat people transform their physique into something they can be proud of. So far, a lot of people have reported great results by using the advice posted on this website. I picked out 3 guys that made great progress: Rody, Joshua [...]

Optimal Protein Intake: You’re Probably Eating More Than You Need

protein foods

I have previously made it clear that I don’t count anything related to diet. I just eat 2-3 fullfilling meals a day, and focus on training hard. Yet, people are emailing me about the optimal protein intake, and what kind of protein supplement they should take post-workout. Most experts in the fitness industry recommend a [...]