From Skinny-Fat to Fit In 2018 – Is It Possible?

This month marks almost 8 years of training for me. Below you can see a picture of one of my worst physical conditions vs. my peak condition in 2017: Those 8 years of training have consisted of mixed feelings, mixed results and countless times where I was about to give up. Just like most of […]

28 Skinny-Fat Training and Diet Myths Exposed

When I started training at age 17, I was a tall and lanky skinny-fat guy with terrible starting strength levels. At 6’2″ height and 200 pounds of bodyweight, I remember attempting my first shoulder press. I started out with an empty olympic barbell (45 pounds) and to my surprise I couldn’t do a single rep. […]

6 Pieces of Advice that Will Transform Your Life

Updated: 30 November 2017 After training over 100 skinny-fat clients, I’ve realized that the number one reason people fail at transforming their bodies is their mindset. It’s the way you think that’s holding you back. Now, the big question is: do YOU have the right mindset to transform your body from skinny-fat to aesthetic? Do […]

[FAQ] 8 Week Maximum Size Program

Since releasing my new 8 Week Maximum Size Program last week, I got a lot of questions. I will post the top questions and answers below: Who should start this program? Do you need to be able to do 15 pull ups and 30 diamond push ups first? The training program is versatile and can […]

Skinny-Fat Guys Need To Build More Muscle Mass Than the Average Guy to Stand Out

Most men including myself, build muscle mass in an attempt to make ourselves look more attractive. The truth is that people judge you before they talk to you, therefore looking athletic and muscular is always going to benefit you in a social setting. A large percentage of women are attracted to big muscles and an […]

Why High Volume Training Is The Best Training System For Skinny-Fat Guys

Injury prevention is the most underrated aspect of bodybuilding training because one serious injury can either put you out of training for life. And most importantly: A serious injury will have a very negative effect on the quality of your life. You will go through each day in agonising pain. No muscle gains are worth […]

How to Reduce Puffy Nipples (Gynecomastia) Without Surgery

If you’re a man and you have puffy nipples, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to take off your shirt in front of a girl or even to go to the beach when your chest looks soft and feminine. The puffy nipples are most visible when you wear a tight t shirt, sit down or when you […]

Optimise Sodium Levels In Your Diet: Reduce Water Retention and Increase Energy Levels

30-50% of the population are sensitive to sodium which means that a high sodium diet will result in water retention and low energy levels. I discovered just this year that I’m very sensitive to sodium. When I don’t watch my sodium intake, I start holding A LOT of water in my face and stomach. The water […]

The Real Value of Online Personal Coaching (It’s not the Training Program or Diet)

A lot of people make the mistake to join a personal fitness coaching program with the idea that they  have to impress their coach. This means that when they have a good training and diet streak, they do their weekly progress check-ins. Once they have a bad week or two, they stop reporting on their […]

Why You Shouldn’t do Starting Strength as a Beginner

When I started training in February 2010 I was getting most of my information from the forums. The popular advice for a beginner was to do the program ”Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe. Therefore, I did a bodybuilding version of Starting Strength called Kethnaab’s Modified Starting Strength Routine. Kethnaab’s variation replaces power cleans with […]