The 5 Most Important Weight Loss Lessons to Get Lean and STAY Lean

Before and after 2

As a teenager, I would wake up, then go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror with disgust. I had love handles, chubby cheeks, manboobs and hips that were almost as wide as my shoulders. Many times I tried to lose weight, but failed to do so. But, this didn’t stop me. [...]

Staying Consistent Trumps The Perfect Training Routine

stay consistent

Consistency is a steadfast adherence to the same principles. It essentially means that you can stick to a training routine. Have you ever stuck to a training routine for at least 2 months without skipping any training sessions? If you can’t answer yes to this question, you are inconsistent. It doesn’t matter how good your [...]

My First Obstacle Run: Toughest (5 miles, 40 obstacles)

Toughest Copenhagen 2013

Right now, I’m lying on my couch with my laptop on my legs. I can barely walk, and I’m sore everywhere from my calves to my shoulders. I’ve just completed my first obstacle run called Toughest. Toughest is known as the most intense obstacle race in Scandinavia and it’s about 5 miles long. 5 miles may [...]

Great Bodybuilding Book: Becoming The Bull

Becoming the Bull

Last month, I had a new bodybuilding eBook sent to me called Becoming the Bull. Becoming the Bull is about a bodybuilder’s 17 year journey from skinny to jacked. I liked this book so much that I finished it in one sitting, which is a rare thing for me. It has unique content that I haven’t [...]

3 Steps To Get Your First Muscle Up

Muscle Up

One day I went to a calisthenics facility near my apartment and met two guys who were doing handstand push ups, muscle ups and levers. I was impressed by their strength, so I chatted them up. They had a calisthenics group here in Copenhagen and invited me for their training sessions. During my first session [...]

VIDEO: My 4 Year Skinny-Fat Transformation

before and after

In June 2013 I released my first transformation video on YouTube. The video received a great response, and was responsible for getting some of the first visitors to my website. Today, the video has over 60,000 views, 174 comments and 96% likes. However, I’ve come a long way since the video. My physique is much [...]

STOP Relying On The Mirror. START Taking Progress Pictures!

Cut vs Bulk

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon organising my progress pictures. (I have over 1000 progress pictures)! While organising them, I stumbled upon a progress picture from April 2011: April 2011 GOAL PHYSIQUE   This picture brought back memories from the early phases of my skinny-fat transformation. At the time, I had been training for a bit over 1 [...]

How to Reduce Puffy Nipples (Gynecomastia) Without Surgery

Puffy Nipples

I always had those dreaded puffy nipples that are visible in t-shirts. They affected my way in any way possible. I was anxious to take my shirt off at the beach. I didn’t want to have a girlfriend, because I didn’t know how she would react when she saw my chest. Also, I had really [...]

Why You Shouldn’t do Starting Strength as a Beginner

ss2ed book

When I started training in February 2010 I was getting most of my information from the forums. The general advice for a beginner was to do the program ”Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe. The reason for doing this program is that it involves heavy compound lifts on a frequent basis and it’s simple. I [...]

How to Deal With Negative People

Negative People

Prior to starting my skinny-fat transformation, I was so pumped about discovering bodybuilding, that I immediately told my parents about my goal of getting ripped. My parents told me that I shouldn’t “waste” my time on building muscle at the gym, since I don’t have the genetics for it. When I asked my mom to buy more [...]