Time Under Tension to Bring Up Lacking Muscle Groups

Recently, a reader asked me to write an article about “how fast”  I perform my repetitions when I train. I promised him to get this done, so here it is. First of all, I will refer to the tempo of repetitions as Time Under Tension since that’s usually the term used for this purpose. Time […]

Skinny-Fat Beginner: Part 4

I’ve been on a 1 month vacation to visit my girlfriend in the US so I’ve been slow at completing this series, however I think this final part of the series will be very useful for many of you guys. As you can see in the picture below, I lost my abs during my stay […]

Skinny-Fat Beginner: Part 3

Hello Friends, After reading Skinny-Fat Beginner part 1 and 2 you should have decided on 2 crucial factors to start your transformation: The structure of your training routine The focus, whether that is gaining muscle or losing fat Assuming you have those factors in order I want you to develop a simple routine. This routine […]

Skinny-Fat Beginner: Part 2

In my prior installment of the Skinny-Fat Beginner series I wrote about why soreness doesn’t matter and how to create a training routine that is optimal for you. In this part I will explain why tracking your progress is crucial if you want to get the most out of your workouts: 3) Track Your Progress […]

Skinny-Fat Beginner: Part 1

Hello friends, A lot of my articles are good for skinny-fat guys that have been training for a while, but I haven’t written much advice for skinny-fat guys that are new to the gym. Therefore, I decided to make a Skinny-Fat Beginner Series where I will give you advice I wish I had gotten when […]

The Best Training Routine

I’ve received a lot of emails recently about diet and training advice. The emails typically sound like this: Hi, I’m new to training, what is the best training routine out there? In this article I will give you The Best Training Routine For A Skinny-Fat Guy. This training routine will get you ripped in the […]

High Frequency Training During Your Holidays

Many of us are enjoying summer holidays, which can make training and dieting difficult. Right now, I’m visiting my family in Poland, so I’m writing this article from my grandfather’s balcony, and soon I’ll visit my girlfriend in America for a month. I know that during my holidays I’ll be surrounded by delicious and unhealthy […]

How To Raise Testosterone Levels

I recently got a question from a reader about whether it’s possible to naturally raise your testosterone levels. The short answer is: YES. Since the 1970’s the average male testosterone levels have dropped significantly. A man in 1970 would have 30 % more testosterone in his body than a man today. This significant drop has […]

7 Benefits of Getting Ripped

Transforming yourself from a skinny-fat guy is a lifelong change in lifestyle and it’s a highly difficult endeavour in the first few years, until you figure out what works for you. Before I got to a point where I was satisfied with my physique, I would often ask myself: Is it really worth it to […]

Diminishing Returns in Training

In economics there is a concept called the law of diminishing returns which basically explains that after a certain point the marginal revenue of your investment starts to diminish, and you will reach a point where the marginal costs are higher than the marginal revenue as shown in the figure below: When you reach this […]