How to Increase Testosterone Levels By 120% Naturally

how to increase testosteroneThroughout my teenage years, people often asked me why I never smiled and I didn’t know what to answer.

I didn’t know what to answer, because saying the answer out loud would hurt too much.

I was a young guy with no drive, no ambitions, no athleticism and no experience with women.

I looked dead in the eyes.

While other guys in my high school were fit and athletic, I was that skinny-fat guy who walked around with his shoulders slouched to hide his manboobs.

Then, one day I decided to get ripped and transform my lifestyle:

  • I went to the gym 3 days a week and followed a routine consistently.
  • I ate a high protein diet as the bodybuilding forums advised a beginner to do.

7 months into training I still looked like I had never lifted a weight in my life.

I was discouraged and close to quit this whole fitness thing, but I didn’t because I discovered that I had low testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone Levels at Age 18

In September 2010, I decided to get my testosterone levels checked and the test came in at 297 ng/dl.

My doctor said that everything is good since I’m “in range”, but he forgot to mention that my level was in range with an 80 year old man!

In other words, I was 18 years old with the testosterone levels of an old man (and this is not uncommon today where we live in a society full of garbage food).

The blood-work explained many of my low testosterone symptoms:

  • Puffy nipples.
  • Lack of muscle mass.
  • No response to weight training.
  • High body-fat.
  • Feminine fat distribution. (Hips, thighs, lower chest, lower abs).
  • Very small bone structure.
  • Lack of facial and body hair.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Gynecomastia.

After years of research, experimentation and reading, I eventually increased my testosterone levels with 120% naturally: from 297 ng/dl to 652 ng/dl.

Unfortunately, most people who talk about increasing testosterone rarely post their blood work, but I want to show you proof that my results are real, so here you go:

testosterone results 2010-2012

The Low Testosterone Epidemic

Unfortunately, today, there’s an epidemic of low testosterone levels.

You see it everywhere.

Guys are skinny-fat with small arms and puffy chests.

Guys have bad posture and walk with their shoulders hunched over to hide their man boobs.

Guys have the energy levels of an old man and don’t get the most out of their days.

I used to be one of these guys, because just like most guys out there:

  • I ate the wrong foods.
  • I ate too much because the foods I ate didn’t make me full and energised.
  • I was always bloated and constipated and spent a long time on the toilet.
  • My body was full of inflammation.

In other words, my body was like a ticking health bomb.

You Must Eat Right To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

The key to overcome these issues starts with the fuel you put in your body:

  • You have to eat high testosterone foods that your body can digest.
  • You need to eat the right foods at the right time of the day to get the most out of them.
  • You need to eat the right amount of food to avoid feeling sluggish and to shred excess fat.

When you do that, you will feel better, look better and perform better. 

I can say without a doubt that a High Testosterone Diet is the most important aspect to boost your natural testosterone levels as much as possible.

The reasoning is that food acts as fuel for your body.

If you put the right fuel into your body, you will feel better, look better and perform better.

Your physique will become tighter.

You will feel lighter because of your improved nutrient partitioning.

Your stress levels go down.

You shred body-fat around your hips, waist and lower chest.

You find it easier to gain muscle mass and you start walking with your chest up.

The photo below shows how my body transformed after optimising my testosterone levels:

Pump Training

I lost 60 pounds of fat and gained 40 pounds of muscle mass after being skinny-fat most of my life.

My energy levels sky-rocketed, my posture improved, my puffy nipples pretty much disappeared, and I felt better than ever.

Testosterone Levels and Lifestyle are Interconnected

movieposterWhen it comes to explaining the increase in testosterone levels, it’s also crucial to know that testosterone and lifestyle are interconnected.

In other words, when you change your lifestyle, your testosterone levels increase, but the opposite is also true: when your testosterone levels increase, your lifestyle/behaviour also changes.

Therefore, you can “trick” your body into producing more testosterone by leading the life of a stereotypical “high testosterone guy”.

A) Lifestyle traits that are associated with LOW testosterone levels

  • Poor sleep.
  • Excessive stress.
  • Negative mindset.
  • Poor posture.
  • Diet high in refined carbs such as junkfood/candy and low in solid foods like meat and eggs.
  • Risk-averse personality, e.g. not approaching that beautiful girl you see smiling at you, despite wanting to.
  • Under-muscled physique with feminine fat distribution (your typical skinny-fat guy).

B) Lifestyle traits that are associated with HIGH testosterone levels

  • Good sleep.
  • Healthy level of stress.
  • Positive mindset.
  • Great posture.
  • Diet high in red meat, eggs and nuts and sufficient carb intake to fuel brain/muscles.
  • Risk-taking/adventurous personality.
  • Muscle and strength.

Imagine a scenario with two different guys. One guy is A the other guy is B.

  • Guy A works a job he hates, which leads to stress. He stays up late playing computer games to escape his life which leads to poor sleep. He doesn’t exercise and eats junkfood on a daily basis which results in a skinny-fat physique. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, so instead of going out and finding one, he decides to stay home in his “safety” and watches porn.
  • Guy B studies medicine which he enjoys. After a long day of studying he goes to the gym for a few hours, then goes home to eat and sleep with his girlfriend. He sleeps like a baby around 9-10 PM after a long and productive day and wakes up early excited to learn more about medicine. He doesn’t eat that often since he has no time, but when he does eat, he makes sure to fuel his body with proper, solid foods most of the time, and only eats junkfood occasionally.

Which guy do you think will have the most stress?

The guy who studies something he likes or the guy who works a job he hates?

Which do you think is happiest?

The guy who has a girlfriend he loves, or the guys who watches porn everyday?

Which guy do you think is healthiest?

The guy who eats solid meals, exercises daily and sleeps like a baby or the guy who eats a low-carb diet, exercises just 2-3 times a week and stays up late to play computer games?

Now, imagine if Guy A worked towards becoming Guy B:

  • He quits the job he hates and goes to school to learn the skills needed for the job he dreams about.
  • He quits porn and starts approaching real women to get a girlfriend he can spend his nights with.
  • He starts exercising 6 times a week for 1-2 hours.
  • He limits junkfood to Friday/Saturday night and eats 3 balanced meals a day.
  • He sleeps like a baby. At the end of the day he’s so tired that he has no energy to waste on computer games.

And the results of his lifestyle transformation would be:

  • Lower stress levels.
  • More happiness.
  • More strength and muscle mass.
  • Better posture.
  • Less body-fat.
  • More energy.
  • More drive to get work done and hit the gym.

In other words: By transforming your life for the better, you will improve your mental and physical health.

Better mental health + Better physical health = Higher testosterone levels

Therefore, over the long-term you want to transform your whole lifestyle, which will lead to better mental and physical health.

Unfortunately, it takes YEARS to go from A to B. It took me years of hard, dedicated work to make that change.

However, the good news are that you can make some essential yet simple lifestyle changes that will be responsible for the bulk of your testosterone level increases.

By implementing those simple lifestyle changes, you will see results over the short-term (2-3 months),  and they will “kick-start” your transformation.

In the next section, I will deal with those separately.

How to Increase Testosterone With 120%

The truth is that you can’t just say: “I want to go from A to B this week so I can increase my testosterone levels.”

You need to start with the basics:

  • Better nutrition.
  • Proper exercise.
  • Better sleep.

Once you start exercising regularly, eating solid home cooked meals and sleep as much as your body needs, you will develop the abundance mentality that enables you to completely transform your lifestyle by going from A to B.

I’ll deal with each separately, starting with nutrition.

Nutrition part 1: Dietary fat doesn’t make you fat


Back when I had low testosterone levels, my diet mainly consisted of lean protein sources and starches.

I was following your typical high-carb/high-protein/low-fat bodybuilding diet with 6 meals a day.

Not only was I sick and tired of this way of eating, but it didn’t improve my life or physique in any way.

Despite eating a low-fat diet and training consistently for the first time in my life, I was fatter than ever.

In September 2010 I started researching how to increase testosterone naturally, and I found that dietary fat is crucial for optimal testosterone levels.

To be specific, it’s the type of fat from animal sources such as red meat and nuts that are responsible for optimal testosterone levels.

Here’s a list of fatty foods that I eat to keep my testosterone levels high:

  • Natural peanut butter.
  • Red meat.
  • Beef.
  • Coconut oil for cooking.
  • Eggs.

I make sure that I consume the foods on this list on a daily basis.

If your diet is deficient in fat, you will experience enormous changes in your well-being once you start eating a proper amount:

  • Mood improves.
  • Less hunger throughout the day, since fat slows the digestion of carbs and keeps you full very long.
  • Very high sex drive.
  • Rapid recovery between workouts.

So, how much dietary fat do you need?

The requirement is individual, therefore you will need to experiment. One guy may need 20% while another one may need 40%.

A good place to start is around 30% of your total calorie intake, if you’re into counting calories.

If you’re like me and you don’t want to count calories, you can make simple changes in your diet that will ensure adequate fat intake:

  • Switch out the lean chicken and turkey breast with some red meat or 88-92% beef/pork.
  • Throw a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter into a smoothie or eat it with a spoon.
  • Start eating whole eggs instead of just the egg whites.

Nutrition part 2: Stay away from fad diets


Diets that brand themselves as low-carb, low-calorie or low-fat often promise quick results, but those quick results come at a price that isn’t worth to pay.

As a guy into fitness you’re most likely focusing too much on protein intake, and too little on carbs and fat.

The truth is that carbs and fats are more important for performance, health and well-being than protein!

After a certain point, eating more protein doesn’t help your training.

Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of calories to eat a day to stay lean. If you eat a ton of protein, you will have to limit either carbs or fats or both.

When you train most days of the week and you push yourself, then you need carbs to fuel your workouts. Hell, you even need carbs to study and do mentally demanding tasks. They’re the number one source of fuel for your brain and muscles.

Same goes for low-calorie diets used for rapid weight loss. They are the worst of all fad diets, since your body needs a set amount of calories to function properly.

When you deprive it for too long, the damage done to the endocrine system can be irreversible.

To be specific, diets that are low in something can and will most likely lead to lower testosterone levels.

There’s a reason to why we have fat, carbs and protein. Your body needs all of it to function.

Frequent exercise for increased dopamine

how to increase testosterone

When you have naturally low testosterone levels, your mood also tends to be bad.

You may be depressed and/or anxious, and both of those will keep your testosterone levels low.

Therefore, you want to do a type of exercise routine that you can do EVERYDAY to release dopamine on a regular basis.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for changing the “reward system” in your brain.

For example, if you have difficulty getting your meals cooked and getting to the gym, this difficulty will decrease since you will feel more pleasure doing these simple activities.

This consistent increase in dopamine is crucial to get out of the slump you’re in with low testosterone levels, since it elevates your mood.

However, to exercise everyday you need to be smart about what you do in the gym.

To be specific, you want to keep the amount of stress that your body takes from exercise at optimal levels.

When you stress your body more than it can recover from, testosterone decreases.

When you don’t stress it enough, you don’t make progress in your training.

Stress and recovery is all about balance.

Heavy lifting (lifting in the 1-6 rep range) stresses your central nervous system (CNS) much more than light-moderate weights (7-20 reps).

After a heavy lifting session you need days to recover for your next session, therefore it’s not optimal for a guy with low testosterone.

So, what works?

Light-moderate weight trainingbodyweight training are the best ways to train for a guy with low testosterone levels.

They work because you can do light-moderate weights and bodyweight training everyday without worrying about overtraining.

And this in turn enables you to go to the gym everyday and get that dopamine release which is crucial to regulate your mood:

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 12.18.37

Furthermore, I want to make a note on cardio.

Cardio is great to keep your heart healthy, but you have to keep some things in mind:

  • When you train with high reps and low rest between sets, your workout is similar to a cardio session.
  • It’s limited how much stress your body can take, so doing a lot of intense cardio usually means doing less resistance training.
  • You can do light cardio as much as you want.

In other words, I don’t have anything against light cardio, but I discourage you from doing long-duration intense cardio on a regular basis.

Finally, here’s a list of articles that I wrote about my way of training:

Optimise sleep

Tired Man

Sleep is one of the most underrated things in the fitness community.

By getting your sleep, you’re playing the testosterone game on “easy” rather than “hard”.

Sufficient sleep regulates appetite, improves your mood and energises you.

When I had low testosterone levels, I went to extremes to optimise my sleep.

I stopped using an alarm, and skipped early morning lectures to get my sleep.

This is the best way to get the amount of sleep your body naturally needs.

In case you do not have the option to sleep without an alarm, there are still many things you can do to optimise sleep:

  • Set a reminder on your phone that says “get ready for bed” 9 hours before you have to wake up.
  • Sleep and rise at the same time everyday. It’s better to sleep 6 hours each night at the same times, compared to sleeping 7-8 hours at irregular times.
  • Work your mind and body everyday. If you exhaust your mind and body throughout the day, you will be tired after dinner.

Take Charge Of Your Life

To sum it up, the key to increase testosterone is to first start with the 3 basics:

  • Eat a good balanced diet.
  • Sufficient, quality sleep.
  • Frequent exercise with light-moderate weights to release dopamine and build muscle.

You want to put all your focus on those 3 basics for the next 2-3 months until they are as natural to you as putting on new underwear in the morning.

During these 2-3 months you should see a great increase in your testosterone levels and life quality.

To give you some perspective, here are my testosterone increases after 3 months and after 2 years:

  • September 2010 to December 2010: 297 ng/dl > 550 ng/dl (85% increase)
  • September 2010 to July 2012: 297 ng/dl > 652 ng/dl (120% increase)

My first increase of 85% was done through diet alone. At the time between September 2010 and December 2010 I still had no clue about how to train for muscle gains, I was still depressed, skinny-fat and I didn’t get proper sleep.

My second increase from 550 ng/dl to 652 ng/dl was done through optimising my whole lifestyle with an emphasis on sleep. This is where I went from A to B.

I’m telling you this to show that you don’t have to know much about the endocrine system to get results.

The smallest changes in the right direction can boost your testosterone levels dramatically.

Forget about perfectionism.

Just eat a balanced diet, get your sleep and exercise daily to release dopamine.

This new lifestyle will slowly develop the abundance mentality that you need to work on improving other important areas of your life such as business, career, marriage and friendships.

Eventually you will wake up excited one day to eat some steak and eggs and wonder how you went from A to B.

Be proud but stay hungry,

Oskar Faarkrog


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      Hey Riki,

      You want to go by what’s in the eBook since I published it this year while most of the articles were written 3-4 years ago.

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      The mind and body are connected. If you have dominant posture, regular sex with a woman or women you find hot and do something you love for a living your hormones will display these actions.

      I know there’s science out there showing that posture and your sexual options are linked with testosterone levels, you can Google around for it and I’m sure you will find it.

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      Fish is good but mix it up.

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      Eat sweet potatoes, white rice, brown rice and white potatoes.

      Thank you very much!

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      Hey Lee,

      Follow the tips in this article for a few months and get your test measured again.

      The whole “squats increase testosterone levels” thing is a huge joke. Yes, they do increase testosterone levels, but so do pretty much any other weight training exercises. Furthermore, the increases are only temporary and insignificant.

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      As far as I know, higher testosterone levels are associated with early male baldness, but not in all cases.

      You want to keep in mind that it’s all about context. If a guy has low testosterone levels, following the advice here may get him to a normal, healthy range. The advice here won’t get you extremely high levels – only testosterone injections will do that.

      Also, I’ve known a few guys in my life with naturally high test levels and very athletic physiques who started balding around the age of 19-20, so I guess there is something to it.

    • Baldness occurs only if you are genetically predisposed to it.

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      I still have gynecomastia, however it’s less visible now because I’ve built up my chest musculature and changed my diet. Building your chest in the right places combined with a good diet can reduce the puffiness and make it tighter, although the lump will still be present. You can read about all of this in my puffy nipples article.

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    • Jay isn’t skinny fat and takes steroids to maintain his physique. If ur on roids almost anything u do will get u results. Pls don’t follow his advice for ur own sake.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Even though Jay has elite genetics and take huge doses of steroids, what he preaches is correct. I found 10 reps to be great for muscle building, and this is also the amount of reps that is known to be best for hypertrophy. (This is why most bb routines have 8-12 reps, 10 is in the middle).

      About doing the same exercises: I found that to be true aswell. I always do the same exercises because I can push them hard without worrying about injury. Whenever I try new exercises and push hard, my joints ache.

  38. Great article as always. I usually have Breakfast(Oatmeal+nuts), Lunch(Meat/Egg/Veg/Rice) and Dinner(Same as lunch) but I eat some fruits around 3pm.

    Would you consider that 3 meals a day or 4 meals? If it’s 4 meals, which meal should I include the fruits. Thanks

  39. Hey Oskar – nice article. Interesting analysis about dopamine. I think there’s something to be said about eliminating porn and other dopamine addictive behavior like leveling video games, trash television, or whatever, because they actually drastically reduce our dopamine sensitivity, which as you’ve deduced can lead to hormonal imbalances and lower T. If you’re desensitized to dopamine you’re desensitized to the anticipation of pleasure via reward, which of course will lower your motivation to do things like get your work done or get to the gym. It’s not hard to see how dopamine addict behavior can lead to a vicious downward hormonal/mental cycle.

    I just got my bloodwork back and my T was 479. I’m a 28 y/o male. Not low enough to raise my doc’s eyebrows (sigh), but I’m hoping I can get it up into a healthy high/normal range with lifestyle optimization. One question I have. What is your opinion on balancing healthy fat/carb intake while on a fat loss cut? And, might it make sense to go on regular diet breaks to help with T optimization while losing fat?

    I appreciate your candid transparency on this subject. I’ll take these suggestions to heart. This is an very important issue in regards to the quality of mens’ lives in this day and age.

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Definitely get both carbs and fats while cutting. The amount you need is individual and requires experimentation, and also depends on how much you train etc. Ideally you want to lose the weight slowly and get as many nutrients as possible during your cut.

      Yes, take at least 1 days a week where you get in a cheatmeal and get in a caloric surplus. I usually take 2 cheat meals a week. This will “reset” your body after several days of caloric deficit.

  40. Oskar,

    Great article. This has been an ongoing issue for me. I’m 37 years old and lift weights 5-6 days per week. About 3 years ago, my testosterone levels were below 100! I felt and looked miserable. I went on TRT about 1.5 years ago. Once you are on TRT, are you on it for life, or is there a chance I can do some of the things in this article and get off the medication?? Even with the medication my total is only in the low 400’s currently…. Thanks!

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thank you Joel.

      I don’t know that Joel, but isn’t it possible to increase dosage further so you can get to over 600 ng/dl? If I was on TRT I would try to get my levels all the way up to the top of the range (about 1000 ng/dl).

  41. Hey oskar why dont u try to raise your test even further to 1000ng/dl something just like christopher by focusing on muscle up and weighed muscle up.if he can go from 11ng/dl to 1000.u can also.his condition was much worse than u at beginning.i mean 11ng/dl.what the heck! Even girls have higher test than this

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      I don’t know what my level is right now. 652 ng/dl was over 2 years ago, so it might be much higher today. I honestly don’t care about the number anymore. As long as I feel good, that’s what counts. If I start getting symptoms again, I will get it measured again.

  42. Great article again Oskar, Once you have visited and take time to read this site it would be impossible not to progress. Can I ask what are the recipes for the meats and such?

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thanks Buzz. My cooking is very very basic, since I don’t have much time to cook. I put some coconut oil on the pan and cook my beef/pork for 3-5 minutes on max. Same goes for eggs. I might do an article in the future on simple recipes.

  43. So, basically your saying we should follow 30 days of discipline to increase our testosterone?

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Good observation David. It’s a great program to get started, although I personally don’t do the cold showers (it’s cold as fuck here in Denmark). Also you want to stick to the lifestyle for life, not just 30 days.

  44. Baldóczi Kristóf says:

    Hello Oskar.!

    My question is a bit complex. So i am an ectomorph bodytype 18 years old guy, 183high and around 70 kg. i am thin and slender, and because of my bodytype and fast as hell metabolsim, it is hard for me to gain mass and muscles, also fat, though, I CAN’T LOSE my lower abdominal and hip fat. On my other parts i dont have any unnecessary fats, and i begin to see the results of my work and eating; my curves and separations on my muscles.
    I have read a lot about ectomorph training, they say i can eat relatively much, lots of carbs and proteins recommended and a moderate-low amount of fat is needed. And i need a lot of (strength and weight) workout, bodyweight workout everytime until failing, but minimal amount of cardio, as my body will turn calories to weight loss by running etc, but i need to build weight and not losing it. I am really trying to keep this kind of “diet” and training routine, as my life (school, family, exams, housework, time etc) lets me.
    I really like sweets, and i sleep around 5-6 hours a day, often just 4, always after midnight :(. Im stressed by school and family things, and its hard to always eat the proper meal and go to gym, because of money and lack of time. Im not having too much friends right now like about 2 years ago, but those few are really nice.

    Sooo… the main question is: what can you advise for me to do? Can you suggest an easy-to-keep daily schedule, or better eating habits or anything else? I want to be more confident, balanced, a better student, and much more lovely and cheerful / vivid to people, because i see this lifestyle leading to nowhere but being a minion.
    I really like your articles and newsletters, so i think it is the best idea to ask it from someone who answers it by experiment and honesty, than someone that wants you to develop slow, because you pay a lot for his training advices in the gym.

    I would be really glad if u could give me some nice advices :) Oh and sorry for not so perfect english.

    Best wishes and respect from Hungary:

  45. Good work on increasing testosterone.

    I’ve never tested my testosterone. But when I was 20-21, and unknowingly had candida, I thought I had low testosterone before I found out. Some of the symptoms were similar of that of low testosterone, only I had extreme mood swings and brain fog.

    What were some of the (big) changes you’ve noticed as your testosterone went from low to high?

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thanks Ludvig.

      Many diseases/conditions have very similar symptoms, this is why it’s crucial to get tested when you suspect something is wrong.

      Big changes:

      More drive to workout (I wanted to be in the gym almost everyday rather than dragging myself there), better pumps during workouts and more sex drive. Also I gradually got a more positive outlook on life which made me stick to my training rather than quit.

    • Hi Ludvig,

      may I ask how you fixed your Candida permanently?

    • Alright Oskar.
      –It was about the same for me!

      -There was a lot to it. After I found out it took me about 6-12 months to cure it, and I completely changed my lifestyle and diet. I cut all sugar, minimized carbs very much. Started eating only 1-2 times per day, often fasting for 2 days at a time. I drank 1-3 glasses of water mixed with L-glutamine every day (I still do). Once upon waking up and once before working out.

      I also ate high quality coconut fat (non hydrogenated) each time 15 min before my meals and together with my meals.

      • Thanks so much for your reply, Ludvid. Would you consider yourself cured? Meaning you can eat candy for 2 weeks in a row without symptoms recurring?

        • Yeah I’m cured.

          I’ve never ate candy for two weeks straight, but I can binge drink and eat unhealthy food for 1-3 days without any specific bad effects. But I have a very healthy diet on 95 % of days.

  46. Best website I have ever seen …….thanks for motivating us .

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Wow thank you for this comment, this is the type of comment that motivates me to keep writing for you guys.

  47. Konstantin says:

    It is true that one needs a sufficient amount of carbs to function well during the day, but is there any point of eating carbs for dinner, if one isn’t going to burn them?

    One more thing: You mentioned that ”since fat slows the digestion of carbs and keeps you full very long.” If so, Is it a good idea to consume mostly fats for breakfast and then carbs in the next meals?

    Thank you Oskar and Great article!

    • Oskar Faarkrog says:

      Thanks Konstantin!

      When you train often your body is in a constant state of recovery so carbs are needed, so I suggest you just keep all meals balanced with some protein-fat-carbs.

  48. Thanks for this and all your articles, Oscar. Always inspiring!

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